Long Way Gone

An Infographic

Ishmael Beah

  • Ishmael Beah is very brave because of all the attacks he gets, he and his friends get chased, captured, and almost killed. He does this over and over again because he is a kid in the civil war in Africa
  • Ishmael is also very intelligent. He knows how to stay alive, how to get food, what is eatable, how to build a fire, find shelter, etc.

Crapes (Vocab)

  • Crapes are shoes that most boys in Africa wear
  • They are not the best shoes but they serve a good purpose
*This is not a actual picture of crapes but, it gives you a feel for what they would be like
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Cassava (Vocab)

  • Cassava is a vegetable that has a very high source of carbohydrates
  • It is very healthy for you
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  • In Long Way Gone, the setting is mostly in Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone
  • This is where Ishmael grows up, and then leaves running away from the Rebels
  • This is a picture of Mattru Jong
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Conflict #1: Man vs Self

  • The first major conflict that Ishmael has is he and his group gets very hungry and have to go back to Mattru Jong to get money
  • This is a very risky because they could get captured by the Rebels
  • But they do it anyway because the drive of hunger is to great
  • They end up not getting food that night because all the food places close, but they eventually find food
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Conflict #2: Man vs Self

  • The second conflict Ishmael has is he gets separated from Junior and his little brother when three rebels capture his group.
  • Ishmael ends up with other boys and they become good friends, but Ishmael still greatly misses his family
  • In this picture it represents when Ishmael got separated from his family (he has not seen a family member in a while) and is with another group of boys now
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