Joseph Goebbles

Naiz Politican

1st Paragraph

Joseph Goebbels was born on October 29, 1897 in Rheydt Germany. When he was a boy he was always sick. And at the age of 10 he nearly died of a terable sickness. When Joseph was born he was born with a abnormal foot. And in 1907 a last ditch operation fail and he was permantly disabled.

2nd Paragraph

Joseph joined the nazi in 1924. He was a German politician and Reich Minister of Nazi propaganda. Joseph came to power in 1933 after hitler was appointed chancellor, Within six weeks hitler arranged his appointment as Propaganda minister. He was one of Hitlers closest associates.

3rd Paragraph

As Russian trops closed in on him in Berlin, Joseph and Hitler committed suicide within Berlin. Before Joseph committed suicide, Hitler named him his successor as Chancellor in his will. WW2 had finaly ended.

Tyler pence

English 8-4


March 20, 2015