Third Grade Update

May 2015

What are learning this month?

Language Arts: We will continue to read Charlotte's Web and other fiction books. We will describe the interactions/ relationships of the characters and how they change. As we have done throughout the year, we will continue to summarize and sequence (in a meaningful, logical order), infer (with text support), identify cause and effect, and make connections. We must use text evidence to support our ideas. In writing, we will write reflections and we will plan, write drafts, and edit our work.

Math: As we finish third grade, our goal will be to memorize our multiplication facts to 10 (students should be able to recall each fact within 3-5 seconds). We will continue to practice multi-step problem solving using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, time, money, perimeter, and area. We will also explore the concept of personal finance and economics.

Science: We will finish our rain forest animal research and projects then we will begin to explore inherited traits and the learned behaviors of plants and animals. We will also investigate and compare how animals and plants undergo a series of orderly changes in their life cycles. We will work in the garden every Friday, so please encourage your child to wear appropriate clothing and shoes on Fridays.

Social Studies: We will explore the concept of personal finance and economics and will participate in the Third Grade Market Day. We will learn how supply and demand affect goods and services. We will understand how businesses operate in a free enterprise system. We will be able to explain the concept of a free market as it related to the free enterprise system. We will also identify individuals (past and present), including Henry Ford and other entrepreneurs, who have started new businesses.

Dates to Know

Wednesday, May 6: Progress Reports and Data Binders go home (Please sign and return the next day!)

Thursday, May 7: Fine Arts Night 5:30 pm (Stephens Cafeteria/ Gym) Come support our art and music programs!

Friday, May 15: Career Day (We will have many visitors on campus to tell us about their careers and about the training/education they need to have that career.)

Monday, May 18: PLC Monday for third grade (Be sure that your child brings a lunch and wears athletic shoes!)

Thursday, May 21: Special guests visit third graders and a picnic lunch!

Friday, May 22: Bulldog Bash (field day)

Monday, May 25: Memorial Day/ No School

Tuesday, June 2: End of Year Third Grade Party

Thursday, June 4: Last day of school; Early dismissal; Report Cards & Data Binders sent home


  • We still have several weeks of school and many concepts/ skills to learn and master. We must make each day count! Please encourage your child to participate and work their best through this busy month.
  • Students need to bring a snack and water bottle each day. As the weather warms up, students will need water to stay hydrated.
  • Our classes can be cold (temperatures tend to vary in our hallway), so please allow our child to bring a light jacket in their backpack each day.