Panther Note

February 6, 2016

Team Puma: Thank You!

Goal Two Yahoos:

**Expect continued deliveries from Mr. Taylor (sixth grade) over the coming weeks. What a motivator...we truly appreciate his outlook and purpose at PSM this week.

**Boys Basketball continues to be a highlight of all of our students. So cool - if you haven't been to a game - get there. Big shout out to our special educator team and coaches.

Wish Virginia our Best!

The application is in as of Friday. Best of luck we appreciate you.

Wednesday Leadership

1. Fieldtrip / Coverage Communication

2. Effective Feedback for all Students

Conference WEEK!

The schedule is in the same spot on Google Drive:

  • PSMS15.16:Counselors:GradeLevelSpring

**Snacks provided on Tuesday

**Jose Peppers from PTO on Thursday

Thank you Mike for set up and Pam/Kelsa for the organization, communication and food!

Sunflower Ambassador Plans due Friday

Details coming to ELA

KAP Update

Student small group testing information has been sent out, reviewed and is now planned for. Please be certain this is accurate. Much appreciated.

TCB This Week: Monday Only

Striving Learners Plan Due to Leadership by Wednesday at 3:00

D/F Reports are out. Let me know if you need me to provide, or reach Nancy (or see your grade books).

Please send Heath/Stacey your plans. Multiple students have already been discussed this week in anticipation by PLCs.

**how will you reach out?

**what plan are you putting forward?

"...research shows that students who are overstressed are not able to learn efficiently because the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, interferes with memory formation. Likewise, when a student’s home and school environments are calming, the student’s brain is able to learn efficiently." (Goleman, 1997; Tennant, 2005).

Proactive and supportive communication enhances actual learning.

Three Tiered Lesson Share Out in PLC starting March 1

Content grade levels will share effective three tiered lessons based in MAP data. NWEA is a great resource in addition to AOL performance.

Tara Mahoney will be joining us to provide feedback and brainstorm. We need to see:

**the MAP data, AOL data, KAP data that drove your decision

**your student groupings

**your shared standards

**your differentiated / three tiered lesson activities

**your assessment of learning (may be tiered?)

See Sigg/Sperry sooner than later for support!

Enrollment Language for Parents: FYI ... you will probably be asked!

The following will be used by Leadership communication to parents throughout the enrollment season to clarify (as much as possible with families). I might cut/paste and know for your knowledge so you are not put on the spot during conferences and beyond:

PSM Language will include through webpage email, newsletters, specific communication about Enrollment, Back to School and Registration:

1.) Enrollment is Completed in February / March at PSM

2.) Registration includes the fee portion of the process:

  • Occurs this Spring
  • Hiring is based upon number of students paid (not number enrolled)

3.)Back-to-school information for the middle schools will be shared at the beginning of August:

· First days of practices for activities/athletics

· Coach/Sponsor meeting dates for fall activities/athletics

· Locker day

· School pictures

· School supplies

MAP Goal Setting Forms Coming this week

Catch Leadership up about your plans / timelines with these please.

Sixth Grade Update

Important Dates and Reminders

· TCB is held Monday, Tuesday (except Early Release Days), Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:00 in the 6th grade computer lab. There is a late bus that will bring the students home on Wednesdays.

· No school on Thursday or Friday due to conferences

Course Briefings/AOLs for the upcoming week:



· Adding and subtracting decimals


· Perimeter/Area of Rectangles


· Nonfiction Summarizing Activity

· Work on media presentations to accompany argumentative essay

· Grammar AOL on Monday, February 8th


· Comic strip presentations

· Begin study of ground water and nonrenewable resources

· Comic Strip due Monday, February 8th for an AOL grade

Social Studies

· Ancient Greece Geography Challenge

· The Roman Empire Geography Challenge

· Present World Religion Projects this week (AOL Grade)


· Regular –ar verbs


· 2B vocabulary practice (activities around the house)

6th Grade Guided Study for Week of 2/8-12:

· CNN Student News will be shown to introduce current events of the week.

· Grade checks continue along with checks for missing work

· Reading Lesson across all GS classes

· Organization check of locker and binder

Media Center Dates: Put Your Feet Up and Read

Feb 5

Feb 19

Mar. 4

Mar. 25

April 8

April 22

May 6

May 20 (TBD)

Seventh Grade Update

Social Studies:

Continue with our study of Kansas History. Map AFL this week and

beginning of Chapter 2. Students have their own books to bring home. Please make sure they have them.


Reading: We will practice reading nonfiction with stance #2 (Author’s Assumptions) in mind. We will focus on chapter 2 of Phineas Gage. We will also review stance #1 (Really?) while we read.

ELA: Students will write their own argument with a claim using evidence, warrants, backing, counterarguments, and rebuttals.



Advanced Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic: Over the next two weeks, Investigation 1 will be completed and we will begin Investigation 2. An AOL is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 17, over Investigation 1. Points to Guide Your Review will be given out to the students prior to the AOL. We will continue our work with linear relationships emphasizing the connection between tables, graphs, and equations. A new target zero will be assigned on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 with the due date of the next Monday.

Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic: Over the next two weeks, we will conclude investigation 1.3 in Comparing and Scaling and move into Investigation 1.4. The emphasis will be on part-to-part and part-to-whole comparisons. Investigation 1.4 will deal with solving proportions. We will learn a variety of techniques when solving proportions. We do not use cross-products. A new target zero will be assigned on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 with the due date of the next Monday.


Science will be working on Genetics concepts, including Gregor Mendel’s work with pea plants and learning how to use a Punnett square to predict outcomes of a genetic cross. An AFL on these topics will be given this week.

Guided Study 7th Grade:

We also continue talking and building awareness of Study Habits of successful students, which includes these topics: A Good Study Place, Setting Goals, Procrastination, Motivating Yourself to Study, Managing Your Study Time, Study Groups, Improving Concentration, among others. This is an area where family support and accountability has a huge impact, so talk to your student about what we have been talking about.

Don't Forget EdCamp!

Sessions are determined the day of the event by the participants.

Join us February 6, 2016. To register, click here.

Hilltop Conference Center
February 6, 2016
Schedule Information
Amazing door prizes provided by our sponsors including a Dewey Stand, Tech Hub (charger for small set of iPads), free subscriptions to Zaption, Edpuzzle and more!

2/23 Schedule is Out. Review your email and save from 2/24

Eighth Update

No School Thursday and Friday due to Parent/Teacher conferences.

(Topics, AFLs, AOLs)

Social Studies:

Ch.. 32 Human Impact of the Great Depression and a look at the New Deal.

ELA/Reading: Students will be editing and revising their White Rose essay. They will also be reading their Holocaust books.


Integrated Algebra

Taking an AOL over congruent & similar figures on Tuesday, Feb.9.

Integrated Algebra - Hour 2

Finish analyzing data in 2 ways: numerical (scatter plots) & categorical (2-way tables).


Continue working with rules of exponents & scientific notation.


We have have been using patterns in the periodic table as a tool to understand how and why chemical reactions occur. Sifers’ class will have the unit AOL on Wed. Burton will give the unit AOL when we get back from the long weekend.

Guided Study 8th Grade:

In Guided Study we will look at current grades and missing assignments in StudentVue. As conferences approach, we will take some time to make sure we have turned in all assignments and caught up on anything that is still missing.

This Week Classified Staff Reminder (from email last week)

Parent Teacher Conference Days-

These days are considered work days, however you have some options on when students are not here, use the following as your guide:

· Classified staff can work the same hours the certified teachers are here for conferences or any part of those hours.

· If a classified staff member chooses not to work those hours but you want to be paid, then you can use a personal day by filling out a Leave Request Form and giving it to the principal’s administrative assistant for Heath’s signature.

· If any classified staff member chooses not to work and does not want to use a personal day, then you can take the time off as “Leave Without Pay-Excused.” Please fill out the form for the principal’s administrative assistant to enter your “Leave Without Pay” correctly in Kronos.

Whatever you decide is best for you, please communicate with your case manager and let me know as well.

Broadcast Team through Feb 10

no broadcast Feb. 11, 12, 15

Director Dori Jezmir

Engineer Aidan Bergeman

Technician Taylor Urbanek

Anchor Rebecca Tonkin

Anchor TBA