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May the 4th be with You!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Bullock Garden Updates

  • 5/2-5/3: Garden Construction (7:30-4:30)
  • 5/4: Garden Reveal Assembly
  • 5/6: Learning through Gardening Teacher Training - This voluntary training session is open to anyone who would like to learn how to infuse garden education into our curriculum.

Lesson Plans Due

Monday, May 4th, 8:30am


Garden Reveal/Assembly

Monday, May 4th, 9:30am


Garden Curriculum Workshop

Wednesday, May 6th, 2:45-3:45pm

Media Center

PARCC EOY Training - Gr3, BSI, ELL & Technology Staff

Thursday, May 7th, 2:45-3:45pm

Media Center

Monthly Collaboration Time

Friday, May 8th, 9am-2:30pm


Spring Chat & Chew

Friday, May 8th, 3:15pm

Starbucks - Rowan U

The Curriculum Corner: The Standards for Mathematical Practice #7

Mathematics has a far more consistent structure than our language, but too often it is taught in ways that don't make that structure easily apparent. This is how Goldenberg, et al., begin their article on Standard #7 (Look For & Make use of Structure) & what they are referring to is numeric patterns. As we work with our students, we must provide opportunities for them to construct and deconstruct these patterns through multiple means of representation (i.e. numbers, manipulatives, visually, etc). Therefore, our instruction must not only include opportunities for our students to practice "random-order fact drills [that] rely on memory" but should also include opportunities for "patterned practice [to] develop a sense for structure as well." Kanold et al., break down the teacher's role into 3 areas:

  • Draw Student's Attention to Patterns: This is where the multiple means of representation come into play as we present examples that are "conductive to exploring structure."
  • Engage Students in Exploring Patterns: Here we provide students with opportunities to "create their own examples of structures to share & discuss with one another."
  • Facilitate the Application of Patterns: Once students are confident in recognizing structure, we must expose them to authentic problems, ensuring that they develop an understanding that "no matter the context, problems of a certain structure are worked exactly the same way."

Next week we will explore SMP #8: Look For & Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning. Click on the link below to view the Heinemann article or stop by the Curriculum Corner at to review Standards 1-4. Don't forget to share some of your bite-sized best practices for representing patterns through multiple means via social media, email or in the footer of The Buzz!
The Curriculum Corner Online

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News & Notes

  • FREE Jeans Day to the first people who find the 2 "easter eggs" hidden in this edition of The Buzz! Send me an email when you find them!
  • Since the Garden Committee is meeting this afternoon (5/1), we will postpone the Spring Chat & Chew until 5/8 (next week).
  • Budget numbers will be coming out soon...our amounts will most likely be the same as last year.

You're the Best...Quotes from the staff!

  • Desarea, Anthony, Amy, Christa Taylor & the GAPA Staff for their quick actions to assist a student in need!
  • Venetia & Donna for some afterschool assistance!
  • Thank you to all involved with choosing our new math math program! Your efforts and time are greatly appreciated!!!! - Brandi
  • Lauren, thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas this week!

Schoolwide Events

  • 5/01: Garden Project & Filming (5/1-5/4)
  • 5/08: Spring Chat & Chew
  • 5/08: Monthly Collaboration Time
  • 5/11: PARCC-EOY Assessment (5/11-5/15)
  • 5/12: 1st/2nd Grade Team Meeting
  • 5/18: Benchmark Window Opens
  • 5/19: 3rd Grade Team Meeting
  • 5/21: PTO Meeting (6:30 PM)
  • 5/28: CAST Meetings (Paperwork DUE - 5/21)

Happy Birthday!

  • Bernadette Gennaoui - 5/2
  • Anna Antell - 5/2
  • Rona Johnson - 5/2
  • Barbara Heck - 5/3
  • Dorothy L. Bullock - 5/4
  • Missy Tees - 5/5
  • Aileen Castro - 5/6
  • Andrea Dalfonso - 5/7
  • Brian Johnson - 5/16
  • Beth Grygo - 5/20