Monday Message

Week of December 11th - December 15th

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Here is a look at our week ahead:

Monday, December 11th:

8:00 LEAD Mid-Year Conference (Kelly)

8:00 Meeting w/ Janice Faris (Traci)

8:30 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

9:30 LEAD Mid-Year Conference (Kelly)

11:05 ARD (Kelly)

12:30 LEAD Mid-Year Conference (Traci)

1:15 ARD (Kelly)

Tuesday, December 12th:

I will be off-campus in the afternoon walking other elementary campuses with my principal group - Traci will be available if needed.

8:35 Kindergarten PLC

11:15 LEAD Observation (Traci)

2:10 504 Meeting (Traci)

Wednesday, December 13th:

I will be off campus most of the day at my monthly Principal/Learning Leaders meeting. Traci will be available if needed.

Staff from the Technology Department will be on campus today conducting a technology audit. You will see them popping in and out of your classroom throughout the day. I am hoping they will send some preparation instructions before their visit - I will keep you posted!

8:35 1st Grade PLC

9:25 ARD (Traci)

12:25 ARD (Traci)

Thursday, December 14th:

7:45 ARD (Kelly)

8:35 2nd Grade PLC

9:00 Parent Meeting (Kelly & Traci)

11:15 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

2:05 ARD (Kelly)

5:00 Staff Christmas Party!

Friday, December 15th:

9:30 LEAD Mid-Year Conference (Traci)

10:20 LEAD Mid-Year Conference (Kelly

11:05 ARD Staffing (Kelly & Traci)

12:30 LEAD Mid-Year Conference (Kelly)

A Peek At Last Week

One last thing - we will be having a fire drill tomorrow afternoon. Remember to close your door, but be sure the magnet is in place. I think that's it - Let me know if I have left anything out and I will add it. Have an fabulous week!