Fulton Science Academy

Week of March 9, 2015

Dear Students, Faculty, and Parents.

I would like to begin this newsletter by congratulating our students for their recent achievements.


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Congratulations to following 7th grade students for their recognition by Duke University Talent Identification Program based on their recent SAT or ACT scores.
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Charlie Furniss


Addington Hobbs

Akash Bhatt

Ananya Pottabhathini

Andre Hammelberg

Andrew Schneider

Charlie Furniss

Christina Wang

Maggie Sutton

Mahdi Zehani

Nicholas Fabella

Prajwal Vedula

Saad Maan

Sanjeev Uppaluri

Sophie Chan

Sophie Richardson

Sparsh Kudrimoti

Sruthi Chatrathi

Please click here to see detailed information about Grand and State Recognition Ceremonies.


Akash Bhatt

Ananya Pottabhathini

Andre Hammelberg

Andrrew Schneider

Charlie Furniss

Christina Wang

Maggie Sutton

Prajwal Vedula

Sanjeev Uppaluri

Sophie Chan

Sophie Richardson

Sparsh Kudrimoti

Please click here to see detailed information about Duke TIP Center for Summer Studies.


Addington Hobbs

Ameiya Pednekar

Mahdi Zehani

Saad Maan

Sruthi Chatrathi

Nicholas Fabella

Please click here to see detailed information about Duke TIP Academy for Summer Studies.

Congratulations to all of these wonderful 7th graders and their parents for this wonderful achievement.


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With more than 1000 students, State Tech Fair competition was amazing! Each of our students made great efforts at the competition and 6 FSAPS Projects received awards in their category. All projects completed by students were unique and students' excitement were worth seeing. We hope to see many more students competing in State Tech Fair in the years to come. Congratulations to all winners and their parents. Wonderful job!

1st Place in Digital Audio Production Category - Neharika Marupudi

1st Place in Project Programming Category - Rishan and Shivan Patel

2nd Place in Case Modification Category - Edgar Robitaille

2nd Place in Mobile Applications Design Category - Graham Allen

3rd Place in Animated Graphic Design Category - Gwen O'Sullivan

3rd Place in Digital Video Production - Shreya Puvvula and Shivani Naraharishetty


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On March 4th and 5th the FSAPS Model UN team travelled to Savannah to take part in the 17th Annual Coastal Georgia Middle School Model United Nations Conference where they put in a strong showing among the many schools and students in attendance.

The FSAPS Model UN team brought home an honorable mention trophy for their performance in the competition. In addition, several students received individual awards for the outstanding representation of their respective countries.

Three students were given the distinguished delegate awards for their accomplishments, Kian Nijaf representing Bangladesh in the Human Rights Council as well as Shreya Rekapalli representing Cameroon and Chloe Richardson representing Cote d’Ivoire, both in the African Union.

Four students received honorable mention awards for their work in the conference. Jaeden Amiri-Owens (Azerbaijan) and Sophie Richardson (Cameroon) were singled out for their work in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, as was Neharika Marupudi (Azerbaijan) in the Human Rights Council. In the General Assembly, representing the country of Cameroon, Vishal Balyan also received recognition for his work.

Congratulations to the entire team for the hard work they put into preparing and competing in the conference!

Elementary Science Olympiad Students Advance to State Competition!

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The hard work of the Elementary Science Olympiad students paid off this past Saturday, March 7th at the State Qualifying Competition. Our Elementary Science Olympiad students completed against 17 other teams and placed 2nd Overall as a team earning themselves a spot in the State Competition in May!! Head Coaches Ms. Minor and Ms. P could not be more proud of our ESO students and how well they represented FSAPS at the competition. A huge thank you goes out toall of our coaches for their hard work and dedication, and a giant CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students on the Elementary Science Olympiad team! A special shout out as well to the following students for their individual awards:

Bridge Building - 3rd Place: Celil Teber and Fatima Safdar coached by Mrs. Ayer

Disease Detectives - 6th Place: Kavitha Kuppaswamy and Siyona Patel coached by Mrs. Daley and Ms. Doraiswami

Don't Bug Me - 2nd Place: Shreyan Ghelani and Amrita Kaur coached by Mrs. Ghelani

Elements Compounds Mixtures - 6th Place: Logan Kersey and Michael Rico coached by Mr. Kersey

Grasp a Graph - 5th Place: Damien Davis and Bhavin Shah coached by Ms. Minor

Leaf and Tree Finders - 3rd Place: Kavitha Kuppaswamy and Lakshya Jasti coached by Ms. Doraiswami

Mystery Architecture - 7th Place: Logan Kersey and Siddarth Yamujala coached by Ms. Ramsey

Paper Rockets - 4th Place: Anastasia Kefalas and Neel Bhatt coached by Mrs. Yamujala

Rock Hound - 2nd Place: Nick A. and Fatima Safdar coached by Ms. P

Simple Machines - 7th Place: Nick A. and Neel Bhatt coached by Mrs. Ayer

Starry Starry Night - 2nd Place: Siyona Patel and Lakshya Jasti coached by Mrs. Flowers

Straw Egg Drop - 8th Place: Celil Teber and Neel Bhatt coached by Ms. Ramsey

Which Way is North - 10th Place: Austin Gardner and Greyson Osekevage coached by Ms. Minor

Water Rockets - 1st Place: Austin Gardner and Greyson Osekavage coached by Mr. Kurt

Way to go ESO students and coaches... we are so proud of you and we wish you the best of luck at State in May!


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This year semi finals of Language Olympiad was held in Jacksonville, Florida. Our students participated to English Olympiad, Spanish Olympiad and Turkish Olympiad in the categories of singing and poetry. We had the highest number of participants and got the chance of going for finals which is going to be on 16th of May, in Jacksonville. The students qualified for finals are as follows:

English Olympiad Singing Category - Margarette Sutton
Spanish Olympiad Singing Category - Carmen Tello

Turkish Olympiad Singing Category - Margarette Suttton

Turkish Olympiad Native Poetry Category - Bahriye Agu

Turkish Olympiad Native Poetry Category - Sedat Akgun

Congratulations to all of these students for their spectacular performances.

Students also had some fun activities in jacksonville. They visited Authentic Old Jail & St. Augustine, played laser tag and enjoyed ice skating.

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March 12 - Brain Awareness Workshop for 1st and 2nd Graders

March 13 - 3rd Quarter Report Card

March 13 - Pi day

March 15 - Open House for Prospective Families from 12:00PM to 2:00PM

March 16 - 20 Brick Campaign Dress Down Week for the Participants of the Campaign

March 20 - Elementary Field Trip to the Alliance Theatre - James and The Giant Peach

March 21 - State Chess Competition

March 21 - State Science Olympiad

March 23 - Georgia MathCounts Competition

March 23 - National Spanish Exam

March 25 thru 28 - 11th Annual Global Classrooms UNA-USA International Model UN Conference in New York, NY

March 26 - Book Character Dress Up Day

March 27 - Spirit Night - Join us at Read-It-Again - 4-8pm.

March 28 - Destination Imagination Tournament


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As part of a social studies (U.S. geography) and language arts (letter writing) collaborative project, the fourth and fifth grade classes of FSAPS are participating in the national Great Mail Race! Each student wrote a friendly letter to one or more fourth or fifth grade classes in different states around the country. Students were assigned states via a raffle process, and each student wrote 2-4 letters to one school of their choice in each of their assigned states.

We will be keeping track of the replies we receive by pinning them onto a large map of the United States, and we hope to receive at least one reply from each of the fifty states before the school year ends!


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This past Friday, March 6th FSAPS celebrated Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! Every student from Pre-K through 8th grade entered the school to special surprises to celebrate the day. Thing 1 and Thing 2 greeted middle school students who dressed up with a hat, bow tie to decorate, and special treat (because you’re never too old for a little Seuss). Everyone who was dressed in black received a set of whiskers, red and white striped hat, and black nose on their faces to be “The Cat in the Hat.” By the end of 1st period we had an entire school of Cat in the Hats!!

Elementary students enjoyed an afternoon-long journey through the wonderfully wacky world of Dr. Seuss’ most famous stories. Students rotated through all the elementary classrooms, collecting Dr. Seuss themed prizes to put in their goodie bags, hearing a story, and then completing activities based on the book they just heard.

After listening to Bartholomew and the Oobleck, students used Elmer’s glue, Borax, food coloring, and water to concoct their own gooey Oobleck. The reading of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish preceded the measuring activity geared towards creating Dr. Seuss “Silly Soup.” The imaginative illustrations of The Lorax served as inspiration for some very creative art projects. The Foot Book got the students moving with some fun games inspired by this classic story. Finally, students enjoyed cooking projects and language arts activities following the story Green Eggs and Ham.

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Thank you to all the families who came out to support our Elementary Science Olympiad lock-in! It was a wonderful night full of hard work, delicious food, and fun with friends! Throughout the night, students were rotating to different stations to practice their event. They were given the opportunity to work closely with their event coach, attend a study session in the computer lab with their partner, enjoy some free time on the playground, and end the night by practicing with their coaches once more. We are very proud of the students' hard work and dedication this year! Please wish the FSA Elementary Science Olympiad team good luck this week, as they will be attending the Regional Qualifier Competition in Cumming this Saturday!


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Bring in gently used books from now till March 31st and put them in the bins in the front office. We are requesting books for adults and children such as; children's books, juvenile fiction, adult fiction, historical fiction, self-help, business books, cookbooks, etc. The winners will receive a frozen treat as their reward.

Anyone bringing in two or more books can participate in a literary character dress up day on Thursday March 26th.

Please make sure that your book character costume is approved by your Language Arts teacher.

Books will be used to stock our library shelves or used to trade in for more books through our partner Read-It-Again.

Spirit Night - Join us at Read-It-Again on Friday March 27th 4-8pm.

Shop a huge selection of new and used books and unique gifts. Proceeds will be used by FSAPS to purchase additional books for the school!


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Pennies for Patients charity ended last Friday, collecting $1033. Science department would like to thank to all the parents, teachers, and students for their support to this charity.


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The Affiliate Tournament for Destination Imagination teams is Saturday, March 28th. FSA has three teams competing, and they would like to invite everyone to attend! There will be vendors and concessions as well as a cake walk and many other activities taking place throughout the day.

If you would like to be an audience member and support our teams, please plan to arrive early as once the performance begins, the doors are closed and no one will be allowed in. Our teams and the times they will present their challenges:

The Tremendous Turtles - Improv Games - 1:15pm

Golden Armour - Feary Tales - 1:55pm

Narwalic Fantasy - Improv Games - 2:45pm

Please also consider staying or returning for the closing ceremonies at 4:30pm.

Parking will be a little tight, so please consider carpooling, and make sure to leave yourself time to park and find your way to the performance spaces!


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Dear Parents of Elementary Students,

Friday, March 13th from 5- 10 pm the Robotics Team Circuit Breakers will host a “Parents Night Out” for families of students in Pre-K through 5th grade. Students will be split into appropriate age groups for a variety of activities run by FSAPS faculty members who have volunteered for this event!

Each attending student will enjoy…

  • A dinner of Papa John’s pizza, carrots, juice, applesauce, and a cookie.
  • Explore FLL world with Legos appropriate for their age!
  • Games and free play time in the gym or on the playground.
  • Enjoy the movie Big Hero 6
  • Supervised center free play (grades Pre-K through 2nd grade) OR Board games/computer time (3nd-5th grade)

If you are interested, please sign-up on the link below NO LATER than 4 pm on Wednesday, March 11th. The cost is $25 for the first child from your family and $10 for each additional sibling. Payments must be cash and can be paid to the attending teachers when you pick up your children at the end of the evening.


Feel free to allow your child to bring a comfy sleeping bag or blanket for movie time. Kids can also bring snuggly PJ’s or comfy clothes to change into. Don’t forget- they have to be warm enough for the kids to be able to go outside and play!

Even if we do not have many children signed up, we will not cancel this event. Rest assured, “Parent’s Night Out” will go on!

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I am pleased to share some exciting updates and changes that will be taking place as part of our continuous improvement efforts to better meet the needs of our students.


The construction of our new campus is expected to be completed in May of this year. Beginning this February, our students and parents are most welcome to tour the new campus on Saturdays. It is exciting to see the new campus construction. If you are interested in scheduling a tour on a certain Saturday, please send an e-mail to Mr. Turan at nturan@fultonscienceacademy.org


Thanks to some generous investors, we will be adding brand new furniture to our school next year. The new furnishings feature great quality and a sleek, modern look. Please see our selection of cafeteria chairs and tables for our new campus below.
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About 9 years ago, we were one of the first schools in Georgia to fully equip all of our classes with SmartBoards. As we move to our new campus, we are again leading the way in classroom technology by upgrading our classrooms with active touch panels. In addition, we will be adding a class set of active tables to the elementary grades. Our students and teachers will love utilizing these new technologies in their classes. Please see more details below.

Please click here to watch a video about ActivPanel Touch.

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Beginning this August, the majority of classroom assessments that students take in middle school grades will be completed on iPads and computers. By upgrading to a much faster internet connection at the new campus, on-line activities will be much smoother for our students and teachers. Through on-line assessments, students will be able to review both correct and missed questions. Parents will no longer need to request a copy of the test to go over with their child. Additionally, data analysis will be easier for our teachers enabling more prompt feedback to parents.


We are well along in the process of selecting a new and more challenging language arts curriculum for our middle grades. Our new curriculum will be geared towards gifted education with strong writing, grammar, and reading components. We plan to announce our new curriculum to you in March.

With the separation of Social Studies and Language Arts teachers and the adoption of a new more rigorous language arts curriculum, we are building a very strong Language Arts Department for our precious students.


Next Generation Science Standards for Today’s Students and Tomorrow’s Workforce

Through a collaborative, state-led process managed by Achieve, new K–12 science standards have been developed that are rich in content and practice, arranged in a coherent manner across disciplines and grades to provide all students an internationally benchmarked science education. The NGSS is based on the Framework for K–12 Science Education developed by the National Research Council.

We will be announcing the new science textbooks and materials based on NGSS very soon. With our new chemistry, physics, and biology laboratories in the new campus, the new NGSS adopted Science Curriculum, and the addition of an assistant lab teacher our students can look forward to some highly engaging science lessons.


As announced earlier, we will open our high school grades when we have close to 20 students capable of doing the rigorous course plan (Advanced Academics) designed for our high school program. While we do not know yet if we will have that many qualified students for this year, based on our analysis and the strengths of enrollment numbers, we should definitely have 9th grade next year.


FSA is taking a multi-step approach to building a strong music program. We plan to continue to offer private music lessons, which many of you have taken advantage of this school year. In our continued efforts to improve this program, we will be adding more instruments such as new pianos. Additionally, next year we will be offering our students Band, Orchestra, and Chorus. Each will be offered twice a week from 4:30 to 5:30, so that they do not conflict with our academic teams, clubs, and sports. It is our intention that as we progress we will eventually add Band, Orchestra, and Chorus to our students’ daily school schedule to have further emphasis on music education. We are excited about the steps that we are taking next year to improve our music program and give our students more opportunities.


As you might already know, our new campus also includes a standard high school size gymnasium with 400 seating capacity and a standard size field for our students to play. Our families will observe a great increase in the athletics opportunities offered to our students next year. In our first year we will start with the following sports and grow each year from there.

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Fencing
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Wrestling


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We are excited to announce a solid technology and engineering class with a strong curriculum for our elementary and middle grades next year. The program is called Project Lead The Way. This comprehensive program also includes robotics and will replace our current robotics class for elementary and middle grades. Project Lead The Way offers a different approach to learning and teaching. Through activity-, project-, and problem-based curriculum, PLTW gives students in kindergarten through high school a chance to apply what they know, identify problems, find unique solutions, and lead their own learning. For more information, please visit: https://www.pltw.org/our-programs


Since Project Lead The Way curriculum includes computer literacy, we are redesigning our computer classes for next year. Soon, we will share a computer class framework that shows specifically which skills are taught in each grade. The new computer education program will also include a strong coding component for each grade level.


Our new campus is designed to make the dismissal process much easier for everyone. We will have two different areas from which students can be picked up, thereby speeding up the process significantly. In a few weeks the barcoded carpool system will begin and we will use an enhanced version of it at the new campus next year. We look forward to being able to provide a smoother pickup system for our students and parents.


Security is a priority at our new campus for the safety and well-being of our students. The campus has been designed with extra safety features built-in. Security cameras will be installed everywhere. Additionally, there is a secure front office buzzer system that will be continuously monitored and an electronic carded access entry system that will be used for other doors. We are working with local safety experts to make sure that our campus is as secure and safe as possible for our students.


Naturally, with an increased number of students we will be able to offer more free after school clubs and academic team options.

After 13 years at our present location, we are looking forward to a wonderful inaugural year at our new campus. Next year will be AMAZING!

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