on Our Blessed Virgin Mary

The Crowing of Mary Mass: A Holy Angels School Tradition Honoring Our Mother Mary

For over 15 years here at Holy Angels, the 4th and 8th grades have hosted the traditional Crowning of Mary during the month of May. This year the Crowning of Mary was held on Friday, May 10th.

Lots of practice and preparation was involved in this Mass. A week before the Mass, 4th grade students practiced their readings and a special liturgical dance. On the Wednesday before the Mass, the 4th and 8th grade students practiced the presentation and the crowning of the Mary statue in church.

On the day of the Mass, two student representatives from each class from Preschool to 8th grade presented roses to Mary. The 8th grade students served as honor guards. As the students processed in, each representative presented a long stem rose to Mary. Finally, two 8th graders, Hillary Jimenea and Ryan Vergara crowned Mary with a miniature wreath made of baby pink roses.

A big thank you to:

8th grade teacher, Mrs. Kathi Lee who helped with the presentation of the roses; Mr. Cordano for picking up the roses from Lester Flowers who provided the roses; Sr. Otelia for making the beautiful wreath of baby roses; Mrs. Laura Reyes for the beautiful music; Miss Caitlyn, Mr. Bradley and Miss Caity for helping with the Liturgical dance; Mrs. Laura Nordman for the great powerpoint presentation; Mr. Luna for helping with set up; Mr. Ditan for photos; and Miss Stephanie Nordman for continued help and support. And a special thank you to the 4th and 8th grade students for doing such a wonderful job!

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May 15, 2019