Nickel News

Week of January 5-8, 2016


I hope that each of your families had a blessed Christmas spending time with loved ones and celebrating. I pray for an incredible 2016 filled with HIS LOVE, PEACE, JOY, PROVISION, PROTECTION and MERCY.

I am especially thankful for HIS safety and protection during our recent tornadoes. The students were full of the stories of GOD'S Faithfulness. As many of you know, my daughter and her family had their home destroyed (Mariner Dr. in Rowlett), but they are safe and unharmed. Thank you GOD! They received word yesterday that no trucks or vehicles will be allowed in to salvage anything, so they have lost whatever is left.They have excellent insurance and are in much better shape than most. Thank you to those of you who sent gifts and clothes and household items. I can't express to our gratitude for the support and generosity in the time of trial. They will begin the process of rebuilding. They are presently in a condo in Chandler's which belongs to an HCA family. Another huge blessing. We are so thankful to DADDY GOD and for HIS wonderful body.

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