Christie Newsletter No. 15

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed


Check out this amazing and inspirational blog, posted below.

Please post your #Oneword on the board in the office so we can share our resolutions for 2016 in #Oneword.

PLC Plug



2nd - Tuesday, January 19th AM Session, 7:30-11:30

3rd - Tuesday, January 19th PM Session, 11:30-3:30

K- Wednesday, January 20th, AM Session, 7:30-11:30

1st - Wednesday, January 20th PM Session, 11:30-3:30

4th - Thursday, January 21st, AM Session, 7:30-11:30

5th - Friday, January 22nd, AM Session, 7:30-11:30

The purpose of this time is to collaborate with your team and plan for learning for the upcoming clusters and units of instruction. #getr'done

AND, Elsa is getting us subs for these days! :)

Goal Gains

As you jump back into small group instruction, conferring, and whole group instruction - take a look at the pictures below to think through what differentiation IS and what it is NOT.
Big image
Big image

Important Dates

Team Leader Meeting, 1.7.16, 3:15 in the Library

FML, 1.8.16

SST, 1.11.16 in Rm #112

Collaborative Planning, 1.13.16

MLK HOLIDAY, 1.18.16

Staff PD, 1.20.16

PTA Movie Night, 1.22.16

Name & Need, 1.25.16

Staff PD, PLT Work (expository writing), 1.27.16

MOY Data Due in AWARE, 1.31.16