Will Hancock's bucket list

April 2015

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#1 Wing-suit diving, Mt. Everest, Nepal

I want to go wing-suit diving from Mt. Everest in Nepal. Mt. Everest has physical weathering caused by wind and rain. wing-suit diving is very dangerous but it is very fun. I would go with my cousin because my parents would never go with me.
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#2 Largest urban zipline, Panama city, Panama

I want to go Urban zip lining in Panama. it is a zip line through the city of panama. the buildings have been affected by chemical weathering by the acid rain. the buildings are rusting as shown in the video below. I would go with my sister because she likes roller coasters and this cant be to different.
World's Largest Urban Zipline
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#3 seabreacher (robotic dolphin) Miami Flordia

I want to go ride in a seabreacher it is a robotic dolphin. the shore you ride it on is broken down by water and wind. that is physical erosion. the shore gets bigger and smaller. I would go with my dad because he said it was fun.
Seabreacher X Ultra-light
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# 4 Fiji

I would go to Fiji because it looks like the greatest beach on earth. It is an island that has been broken down by physical erosion. The waves breakdown the shore smaller and smaller. I would go with my family because they are cool.
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#5 Aogashima Volcano, Japan

The last place on my bucket list is the Aogashima Volcano in japan. there is great scenery and it looks like an awesome place to go to. This place has been broken down by physical erosion. gravity has broken down the sides of these mountains. I would go here with my family because they are fun.