Landmark Updates

Important Policy Information

Welcome Back!

We are excited to have everyone back to school and happy we can do it face to face. Our classes move quickly so hang on!

  • Our goals are to help each student to succeed academically and emotionally and do it with support because we care.
  • Teachers, administration, counselors and staff are here to help.
  • ASK QUESTIONS - we will help.

LHS is a Closed Campus

Our policy for closed campus:

  • students cannot leave campus for any reason through the school day without checking out with parent/guardian approval
  • violations of the policy will result in the student losing their schedule for the mini-term


Attendance is important because we follow shortened terms. Students must be in attendance to participate in class.

  • 2 days absent - a letter goes home from teacher(s)
  • 4 days absent - a notification from the school - classes may be dropped
  • 5 days absent - students with 5 absences will be dropped from the class until the next mini-term

Cell Phones

  • All students are expected to power off their cell phones and put away headphones—out of sight— as they enter the classroom.
  • Students who use a classroom hall pass are required to leave their phone in the classroom with the teacher as a prerequisite to have a hall pass privilege.
  • Any unauthorized use of an electronic device during class time. Students should not request or be allowed to step outside of the classroom to make or receive a phone call.

Loss of the Electronic Device Privilege

Students who fail to follow the prescribed requirements must leave their electronic devices in a designated place at the beginning of the school day where they will be locked securely for the entire day. The device will be returned to the student at the end of the day or when the student has been legitimately checked out by a parent for the day.

  • First Offense- The student will lose their electronic device privilege for the remainder of the week.
  • Second Offense- The student will lose their electronic device privilege for the remainder of the mini term.

Parent/Student Emergency Contact

  • Parents who need to contact their student in case of an emergency may call the main office. The student will be contacted immediately. Non-emergency messages will be delivered as soon as possible outside of class time.

  • Students who have a legitimate emergency need to call a parent and may come to the counseling or main office to make an emergency call.

  • Parents, please review your personal information on your ICampus account. This is how the school reaches you. Make sure you choose your PREFERRED LANGUAGE in the profile.

  • Exceptions to this policy can only be made through the administrative team.

  • School number: 801-798-4030

Calendar Items

Monday, September 6 -- NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, September 8 -- Picture Day

Friday, September 17 -- End of mini-term 1