Y'all are a Senior Stylist Team!!!!!!

Happy Birthday!

First things first, Happy Birthday to Beth!! What a great birthday present- another promotion! Last night, Beth promoted to Senior Stylist!!! And it was truly a team effort.

So what is a Senior Stylist? What does it mean?

As a team, y'all sold at least $6,000. At least two of y'all qualified (sold at least $500) and Beth sold at least $1,500 herself.

I am so incredibly proud of Beth and each of y'all- you worked together and with passion and shared a lot of sparkle this month! Congrats!!!!!!

But wait, there's more!!!!

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It's Big, It's Hairy, It's a Big Hairy Ass Goal!

So, chatting with Beth last night, we decided that she's going to go for a DOUBLE PROMOTION this month and get y'all to a STAR TEAM!!!!! It's big and scary, which is what makes it a goal rather than a plan, but it's totally doable! We are going to work our heiners off to get y'all there this month. And Beth deserves this awesomeness so much because she is just the bomb-diggity!!

We're coming up with a plan, goals, challenges, incentives, everything, to energize y'all and make this happen for your sweet leader. Check out below to see what's in store for you!!

Go ahead, we DARE you!

Kirstie: we DARE you to get to Associate Stylist this month!

You've already sponsored your cousin, Kelly- amazing that you're bringing someone along for the ride!! You're so close to promoting- you pretty much just need Kelly to qualify (sell $500)- that's one show!!

Why promote? Because you'll earn great coaching commissions! You'll also get $500 in Product Credit for promoting during your Jump Start. Plus, you'll be a leader with Stella & Dot! What a great start to your business!!!!!

Carolyn: we DARE you to be a STELLAR SELLER this month!!!

You're already rocking your trunk show calendar with purple shows left and right, and with more shows left, you're on your way!! You'll earn 32% commission instead of 25% commission. Plus, you'll get $100 in product credit! What a treat!!!!!

Stacey: we DARE you to qualify this month!!!

Just think, booking one trunk show or making a few more outside sales will get you qualified for this month. When you qualify, that's automatically $125 on your little blue card and you're earning business supplies!!!

Challenge Time!!

So how do we get there? Let's all try to book one more show- you'll all love that extra moola on your little blue card just in time for the holidays!! Reach out TODAY to 10 girls with a cute picture text, a FB message, whatever! Just make it personal and offer to help her and her girlfriends get some shopping done this month!

Post on our Bonafide Beauties page that you're doing this, and you'll be entered to win a fun challenge just for you ladies! We'll announce the winner in a team call Wednesday evening. We'll text you the call information later today.

I just KNOW y'all can make some amazing things happen this month!!!!!

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