Linden Grove Middle School

Newsletter from the Principal-9/6/22

Hello Linden Grove Families,

It was a great first week of school. Students should have a firm understanding of the academic and behavioral expectations at Linden Grove. We will continue to build on that foundation throughout the first marking period.

Our Open House is Wednesday, September 7 from 5:00-6:30. Open House is a chance to meet classroom teachers and staff and is designed for families to come and go throughout the evening.

We will be piloting a change in our procedures for bus dismissal beginning Wednesday, September 7. Instead of having all bus riders come out at 2:58, students will wait in their PODs until their buses are announced. Students will then go directly to their buses. Our goal is to increase our supervision of students and decrease the number of students missing buses. This will not change the home arrival time for students because the buses already arrive at school in groups, some being earlier and some being later. There is no change in the procedures for students who get picked up or walk home. We are, however, having many students waiting for rides well after 3:08. Please make sure students are picked up from school prior to 3:08. Walkers should walk directly home after school.

We will be taking ID pictures this week with the hope of having ID’s out to students by the end of next week. ID pictures are separate from school pictures. Lifetouch will be here to take school pictures on September 23. Once students are issued their ID’s they are expected to have them on at school every day.

This week Mrs. Frison and I will hold a 10 minute presentation on Title IX with all students. The presentation outlines student protections under Title IX as well as how, and to whom, to report a possible Title IX violation. This is a district-required presentation for all secondary students.

We are having two common dress code violations. The first is hats/hoodies/and other headwear. Unless for religious or medical purposes, headwear is not allowed to be worn during school hours. The second violation is shirts that do not fully cover the stomach. Throughout the first week, we consistently reminded students about the dress code expectations. Please help us by reviewing these two items with your students.

Chromebook distribution began last week. Please read the rules on Chromebook distribution below.

  • Students must turn in their KPS Student Acceptable Use form in order to get a Chromebook. Those were sent home in folders. Additional ones are available in the main office.

  • 6th graders and new students will receive a new Chromebook.

  • 7th/8th graders will get last year’s Chromebook back. If the charging cord was not returned, we will not distribute a new cord. A new charging cord can be purchased for $20.

  • If your child did not return their Chromebook last year then they will not be given a Chromebook. When the Chromebook is returned we will enable it and your child can use it for the rest of the year.

A quick note on our cell phone procedures. There is no student cell phone usage allowed at Linden Grove from 8:03 through dismissal. Cell phones that enter the building are expected to be turned off and stored in lockers. If a student is caught with a cell phone out, it may be confiscated and we may hold the phone for parent/guardian pick up. Please go over the cell phone expectations with your child.

We are working on getting our KPS website up to date. Below you will find the game schedules for cross country, football and volleyball.


Mr. Hughes


Sports Schedules