october 2015

The (your) Mind is the scariest neighborhood!

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you either worried about it so much that you lost sleep over it, felt nauseous, or even experienced an anxiety attack? You instantly were so concerned about definite judgment, that would surely come your way.

*Maybe you were considering the possibility of a promotion or asking for a raise, but then quickly thought that you might not be ready or lacked the specific qualifications or skills for that particular position.

*Maybe you've thought about having a baby (again). You've been considering this for some time. Then all of a sudden thoughts pop into your head like, "you're too old now", "you're body isn't healthy enough to handle another baby", "you're still on the pill and haven't even discussed this with your husband, of course they'll surely be against it".

*Maybe you have a business function/ meeting, friend’s party/ wedding, or class reunion to attend. You start going through your closet to try to figure out what to wear. All of a sudden, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR, within a closet full of great clothes, you're having a bad hair day (month), you can't find your Spanks, your 6 year old is wearing one of your only pair of false eye lashes; the other one has been strategically placed somewhere on your dog, and your toddler hid your keys... Full on panic mode.

The list of negatives goes on and on.

Did you ever stop and wonder why even though we're go-getters, our minds seem to somehow create different thoughts and scenarios to keep us from going after what we want? What we feel or know God desires for us? (Jeremiah 29:11)

Ladies, it's time to do battle! We must put on The Full Armor of God and protect ourselves from the enemy. From that thing that's behind the scary mask. And we should also realize that the battle can be won if and when we allow ourselves to believe that it's okay to feel uncomfortable. To come face to face with being outside of our comfort zone. And that it's okay to reach out to someone else. Going into battle with others can always be better than trying to take the enemy down on your own. And furthermore, we shouldn't be so concerned about what others might think. How they may or may not even pre-judge us.

Eph. 6:13

Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.

Much love - Renee'

Sydney Anderson

Brave Sara Bareilles Cover by Sydney Anderson

Mommy Moment with Sara

Every month, I find it absolutely amazing and empowering the way God works our newsletter together. Each month, I pray for God to reveal to me the special mom of the month who will be providing wisdom to us all…this month, nothing. I chalked it up to procrastination, forgetfulness, and being too busy. Guess what? God had a different plan. What I didn’t know until now, is that He was working all the pieces together so that I could speak up during this season and after reading what Renee' has written, I know God had His hand on this, once again! :) So ladies, please know that these words are His and not mine, and that He is doing a mighty work in us all, if you allow.

As a mother of two energetic, amazing and precious warriors, I have struggled personally in ways I never imagined. I’ve always worked in a corporate setting as I dreamed of being a stay at home mom. Last year, that dream came true along with being a business owner (I've always been independent)… :) What also came with that was a whirlwind of changes and emotions that I was not prepared for. Frustration, disappointment, depression, just wanting to have quiet time, alone, away from the family… if that weren’t enough, the curve ball that was thrown at me in August was more like a TSUNAMI. What I’ve learned this week is that the enemy was trying to take me down, take me out. Ladies, in the worst season I’ve ever experienced, something that came out of NOWHERE and knocked me down, I have found the most peace and joy in my children, husband and life. HOW, you might ask… by receiving God’s peace as it is a GIFT that He gives to us. (John 14:27) Also, know that when you put on the Full Armor of God, you are receiving God’s strength and power to fight the spiritual battle in the unseen/ heavenly realms. Please understand that the person or situation that seems to be consuming your mind and your heart, causing stress, anxiety, fear, anger, unforgiveness… that is the enemy taking your focus off the real battle going on spiritually. You are seated with Christ which means you are victorious because of Christ. The battle has already been WON for you- so no matter what you think you see, no matter what your mind tells you is going to happen or won’t happen, focus your eyes on God and the blessings in your life and KNOW that God works ALL things together for your good. KNOW that you are blessed, highly favored of The Lord and step into your inheritance as the Daughter of God!

Mamas, wherever you are and whatever you are going through, do not back down, do not bow out and do not stay quiet! We are warriors, daughters of God, and Victorious in ALL we do! Walk in that daily! Put on the Full Armor of God daily (Eph 6:10-19)! Declare who you are in Christ daily so that the strength and power of God is upon you and you can show God’s glory through your experience by being peaceful, joyful and excellent in all situations!

(Please read 1 Peter 5:8! It has given me a divine revelation to always be on alert and not let the enemy sneak in!) Wishing you blessings sweet mamas! - Sara Especulta

Family Fun Fest

Sunday, Oct. 25th, 4-8pm

8500 Teel Pkwy

Frisco, TX

Bring your entire family out to ELC to enjoy a lot of FREE FUN! There will be carnival rides, a hay ride, and tons of candy.

ICE Night - Craft Fun

Sunday, Oct. 18th, 6pm

12204 Knots Lane

Frisco, TX

Craft Month - we will create a holiday door wreath and or another fall craft. Drinks will be provided. There will be a Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider bar for your enjoyment. Bring a fall(ish) sweet or salty snack to share.
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Happy Birthday to our Amazing Mamas!!!

MaryAnn Gregory 10/3

Angi DeAngelo 10/5

Mandy Hall 10/20

Chevelle Johnson 10/22

Angela Bynum 10/24

Krysti Johnson 10/27

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Welcome To Our New Mamas

Welcome to Kelly Naderi & Ashley Etheridge!

If I missed any new moms, please message me and we'll get you in our next newsletter!

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