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What do Estate Agents North London need to offer to clients?

The property market has become extremely competitive when it comes to Property or Estate Agents North London as elsewhere. All firms are vying for business and they need to do something exceptional to stand out from the rest! This puts those who require the services of property agents or consultants in a great position: they could shop around for the very best agency to meet their needs.

To compete in this market, estate agents have to be highly innovative and offer services that are linked to the selling, letting and managing of buildings; few can afford to focus on just one aspect of property or one kind of premises. Many are involved in both residential and commercial buildings. The bottom line is that only exceptional and non-traditional companies will entice and keep clients.

Perhaps the most essential factor is being customer-centred because everything flows from that. If an agency places the client and her or his requirements first the structure of the business and the nature of the services they provide will flow from that. For example, if an agency places the client at the centre, the company should know that everyone is different and has unique requirements. This then leads to the understanding that estate agents must create tailor-made service packages for each client instead of forcing clients to accept a one-size-fits-all package.

This unique kind of service makes a client feel important and precious. Adding other aspects and services will improve this perception. For example, allocating each customer a devoted consultant to make sure continuity of service and prompt responses to enquiries and emails is a really valuable thing to do. It allows both client and agent to achieve their shared objective that much quicker. Also, offering extended business hours is another outstanding strategy.

Any company, regardless of industry, should deliver a service that's honest and discreet. A client has to feel that it is alright to leave an agent at their home and that his or her belongings will be treated with professionalism and care.

A further cross-industry factor is fees. Companies that get greedy when it comes to fees and commissions will lose clients and business in the medium and long term as customers won't use a company that charges a lot for their services. Providing a few free services such as advice or assessments also makes a big difference as they are perceived by customers as adding value to the overall experience.

Local and industry knowledge is beneficial because customers prefer to use property consultants who have practical experience and knowledge of the property industries and have a database showing possible, appropriate properties. An additional requirement for a lot of clients is a property consultant who has knowledge of the particular area (for example, location of schools and transport) that the customer might require.

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