Food Day!

October 24

Food Day is a great way to be HEALTHY!

Food Day!

Food day is finally here! On October 24th, food day is celebrated. Food day was made for people to cut back on the sugary drinks and the cakes. Basically, food day is for people to be healthy for a day. We have food day because obesity in the USA is common. So, this day helps celebrate being healthy and choosing fruits, not glutes! This day celebrates shorter fast food lines and longer farmer’s market lines! Food day also feeds information.

Did you know eating unhealthy food every day can increase your risk of obesity, heart diseases and diabetes? That doesn’t mean you should never eat a slice a cake, it means you should look at what your eating, and try to have more healthy foods. I think food day should be a national holiday because it would get people thinking about being healthy. I also think it will become one, because someone came up with this holiday only two years ago. Many people celebrate this holiday, but many don’t. I hope this day will be recognized!

Why should Robious Middle School celebrate Food Day?

One reason would be that 1/3 of adults are obeise. That doesn't even count children. Food Day is a day to learn about healthy living. Instead of a slice of cake for snack, you have an apple, or a sandwhich. Celebrate being HEALTHY!

Food Day Celebration

Thursday, Oct. 24th, 2-8:30pm

Wishing Well park, Richmond VA

Come down for a day of food! Celebrate with warm rolls and fruits and vegetables and of course, chicken! Stay until 8:00, and you can see a firework extravaganza after a yummy and healthy dinner!