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Meet the Counseling Department!

Ms. Kismet Little - Counselor for Last Names: A-Er

TBA - Counselor for Last Names: Es-

Mrs. Mirna Wynn - Counselor for Last Names:

Ms. Courtney Wesnofske - Counselor for Last Names: Ro-Z

Ms. Joany Bass - School Counselor Registrar

Ms. Saira Reyes - Files Clerk

Mrs. Paulina Vasquez - Registrar Clerk

Mrs. Consuelo Rosas - Parent Liaison

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School Counseling Department Mission Statement

The mission of the school counseling program at Osborne High School is to provide a comprehensive counseling program for all students. As school counselors, we strive to encourage our diverse population of students to reach their maximum potential in academic success, career and college readiness, and social responsibility. Through collaboration with faculty, parents or guardians, stakeholders, and other community members, the school counseling staff works to inspire all students to become life-long learners and contributing members of society.

Upcoming Events!

Cardinal Fly By

Thursday, July 31st, 1-4pm

2451 Favor Road Southwest

Marietta, GA

Incoming Freshman will meet in the Media Center, located in the Freshman Building, from 1pm-2pm for orientation and then proceed to the MBA for schedule pick-up.

Scholarship Corner

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Diversity Scholarships

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Meet the Counselors!

Ms. Kismet Little

Undergraduate Education:

  • Major:
  • Minors:

Graduate Education:

Did you know?

Ms. Wesnofske

Undergraduate Education: Loyola University Chicago
  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor(s): Business Administration; Spanish

Graduate Education: Marquette University

  • School Counseling

What is your favorite memory?

"My favorite memory is when I faced my fears and went skydiving when I was in graduate school. "

Mrs. Mirna Wynn

Undergraduate Education:

  • Major:
Graduate Education:

Ms. Joany Bass

Undergraduate Education:

  • Major:

Graduate Education:

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?