Samurai- Bushido Assinment

Dalia Leins

Introduction of Samurai & Bushido

The samurai where created by local aristocrats who took justice into their own hands. They turned to a new military force. So, a new class of military servants emerged whose purpose was to protect the security and property of their employers. Theses people were called the samurai which mean those who serve. The samurai were warriors who fought on horse back, clad in helmet and armor, and carried a sword and a bow. The samurai were supposed to live by a strict warrior code. This code is called Bushido which means the way of the warrior. But in order to follow the Bushido code you have to become a samurai first.
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What effect did each system have on Japanese culture during their specific time period?

Well in the begging their was no military. So, now that they have a military they are going to be fighting more and training their forces in order to keep their territory. But because they have a military and are now fighting i think they will start to have enemies. But now because they have warriors they need for these warriors to follow some rules. So, they created the Bushido which gives the samurais something to live by and follow.

Dear Diary,

It's been a long year and I haven't been given any spare time to reflect on everything. So, in the short time I have I figured I need to write my thoughts down on paper. It's been about a year since I have decided to become a samurai in order to protect my family and village. There are times when I wish I didn't become a samurai because I don't get to see my family or friends anymore. My master tells me that love is a weakness and that I need to detach myself from anyone close to me so i don't endanger them and so i focus on my training more. He says that my duty is to fight for this country and to protect all of those who live here not to love people and make friends. In a way he is right I didn't decide to become a samurai because I wanted to make friends or love people to death. Also he is right about them being in danger. I became a samurai to protect my people and make this country safe. I'm still unsure if I will leave my family in order to focus more on my duty. I will continue on with fighting for my country no matter what happens.