Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

By: Christina Rodriguez

Yesterday seemed so long ago,

Even though it was just a day ago.

Time wasted and not even spent,

Just gone away like a cent.

Nothing, nothing goes through my mind,

Trying to embrace with all kind.

Loneliness empowers the days alone,

I feel like the earth has no tone.

Happiness is the key to Today!

You can finally find your way.

The clouds are light,

but not so bright.

The feeling makes you feel awake,

Like jumping in a cold lake.

Your cheeks are blushed,

And your in luck

That today

Is today

Tomorrow is a mystery,

But as you can see,

Sadness or joy might occur,

It depends on what you want to lure.

The future is morrow

And it might bring you sorrow,

But let the future be you,

Don't let it sing the blues.

May the future be bright

Cause you may not know what's in sight