Goessel Jr. High League Track Meet

The Wheat Sate League Event Of The Decade!

Goessel Jr. High League Track Meet

The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders of the Goessel Jr. High Track & Field team have trained hard for the upcoming League tournament. Goessel will compete with schools from the WSL Bracket and other surrounding areas such as Herrington and Moundridge. The events they are running are listed below:
100 M
200 M
300 M
400 M

100 M
200 M

Long Distance
800 M
1600 M
3200 M

Field Events

Jumping Events
Triple Jump
Long Jump
High Jump

4 X 1 Medley
4 X 2 Medley

Beginning Times

Friday, May 10th, 12:30pm

100 East Main Street

Goessel, KS