The Panther Secret Journalist

Norfolk Junior High

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By Isces L.

Favorite App Or Game


Snapchat is a wonderful upgraded app where you can send snaps from friends and send friends snaps. You can send videos. Also it is safe, because you choose who you want to add. The only catch is if they have their privacy for friends only they have to add you back, before you send them a picture/snap of your day or make it funny. If you want all your friends to see it, you can put it in your my story. When you send your photo you can add drawings and text on to it. Snapchat can be for the whole family. There's also a way where you can just open a chat with your friends without taking a photo. You can put a time limit on how long you want your friends to look at your snaps. In July 2011, snapchat was released and became famous right away. This app is a fun way to talk to friends. You can also screen shot the images and save the photos. When you screenshot a photo, it let’s the person who sent it, know that you screenshotted it, so add snapchat today on any device with a camera.

my Autobiography

Isces Langdeaux was recognized for her outstanding work at Faith Regional for 18 years.She attended Norfolk Senior High School and was a Pink Panther and track. After graduating, Isces attended Duke University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Isces traveled for a year. While her children were all grown up Paris and New York. When her children were little they traveled to Mall of America and Adventureland. Her hobbies continue with running every morning and attending her daughters recitals and her sons basketball games. Isces is outgoing and kind. She is retiring as a nurse, and we all look forward for what the future holds for her

Movie Review

Gabby Douglas Story

Are you into reality? Well, when Gabby Douglas was 7-years-old she has always held on to a dream to get the gold in the Olympics and to train with Coach Chow.Watch this movie come to life with Gabby Douglas (Imani Hakim) and her story. The movie explains that dreams can come true if you belive in yourself and stick with it. Gabby’s family didn't have a lot of money, but they had a big heart to spend time and effort just because they knew there daughter had talent that they didn't have. The two older sisters gave up their sports, so that their sister Gabby could work harder in the gym. When people ask why they did that, there exact words were they knew the talent Gabby had was remarkable. She was always tumbling and knocking down lamps and and everything. When everything seems to come together, there's always bumps on the road to success. I completely loved this movie because this little dream turned into a gold medal. It means everyone can do it. All it takes is hard work and dedication.

Nursery Rhyem

Little Miss Muffet

Little Mary Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet during the day and along came a spider

who sat down beside her and frightened Mary away. After she left do you know what the spider did? He finished all of her curds and whey. Miss Muffet ran down to Midway and complained, “Help, help that spider from the barn has taken away my own curds and whey.”

Soon Mary came back to her barn and there was the spider, but Mary was not frightened. She made more curds and whey and shared them with Tom the spider.


What Is Your Favorite Sport?
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Feature Story

How Gum or Bubble Gum Became Famous

In 1928, Walter E. Diemer, an accountant for the Fleer Chewing Gum Company in

Philadelphia, was experimenting with new gum recipes. One recipe was found to be less

sticky than regular chewing gum, It stretched more easily. This gum became highly successful and was eventually named by the president of Fleer as Dubble Bubble because of its stretchy texture. The original bubble gum was pink because that was the only dye Diemer had on hand at the time and it was her favorite color. Modern chewing gum uses synthetic gum based materials. These materials allow for longer-lasting flavor, a better texture, and a reduction in tackiness.

Bubble gum is available in many colors and flavors. A "bubblegum flavor" is the taste of the unflavored gum, made from chemicals such as ethyl methylphenylglycidate, isoamyl acetate, fruit extracts and others, although the exact ingredients were kept a mystery to customers. When blended, the chemicals and extracts fuse to make a sweet, palatable flavor. Gums made with vanilla, coconut, peppermint and almond extracts are available.

The 26-inch bubble blown by Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, California in 1996, holds the Guinness World Record for largest bubblegum bubble. In taste tests, childre

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