AUP and FERPA 411!

EISD Instructional Technology

What Do They Mean?

AUP - Allows or Prohibits student from being on any district computer or mobile device that connects to the Internet.

FERPA - Allows parents to control their student's private information. Parent's can indicate what information is shared with 3rd party organizations. We are required by law to respect parent's designation. The safest apps, software and websites are those that are board approved such as Office365, iStation, Acellus, etc. With parent "Private Requestors" FERPA approval, use caution with applications that request a student's FULL name or student id. The safest is a first name only, especially if information is published online.

Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Elementary & Middle School FERPA Form

High School FERPA Form

Student Permission Can Be Found on TxGradebook

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*If a 3rd party program requires student accounts to be created:

  • If student is under 13 yrs of age, teacher must create (with parent FERPA permissions)
  • If student older than 13 yrs of age, student can create (with parent FERPA permissions)

As per the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)

If Programs Are Not Listed...

Contact the Instructional Technology Department . Be sure to include the name of the application, software or website.