Gene roddenberry


Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry was the writer, producer, and creator of Star Trek. He originally went to school to become a police officer and joined the LA police department, and later became a military pilot. Once Gene saw t.v. for the first time he decided to quit flying, and moved to Hollywood to become a writer. Gene created Star Trek in 1966. He was born on August 19,1921 in El Paso Tx. NASA, The Smithsonian Institute and Universities are some places that he spoke at meetings for. Mr.Roddenberry also became a novelist. On October,24, 1991 he died of Cardiac Arrest in Santa Monica Ca.

I chose Gene Roddenberry because he was in the military and helped defend us and our country. Another reason why I chose him was because he created a popular movie and show.

Gene is a role model to me because he was in the military. He is also a role model to me because he got to speak for NASA.