Coach Taylor's P.E. class

February 2021

Dear Families,

WELCOME to our physical education program. We look forward to a positive and exciting new year working with you. The physical education program provides students with instruction and planned movement experiences in fitness, dance, games, and a variety of sports (team & individual). Students will have opportunities to; learn about health concepts, improve their level of physical fitness, gain knowledge about and practice skills to become effective and efficient movers, develop responsible decision making skills, manage increased responsibilities, expand positive social interactions and to gain an understand of the value of life-long learning.

Parents/Guardians you are the most influential and important person in your child's life. By respectfully working together to encourage responsibility, physical activity and quality work, our aim is to help your children enjoy fitness and develop healthy lifestyle habits. Understanding and support of our expectations promote the message that we are a team working to encourage physical, cognitive and social growth in each child.


Coach Taylor

Lesson for the week

The videos below are for the children to workout to. It is also very important that they get at least 30 minutes of workouts every day.

Weekly lessons for in school/remote students

Monday- Bicycle, basketball, jump house, wall climb

Tuesday- Exercise walk/Inside play

Wednesday- Exercise walk/ Building blocks, ball toss, bean bag toss, ball darts

Thursday-Bicycles, Basketball, Wall Climb, balance beam

Friday- Scavenger hunt

Cosmic Kids Yoga Valentines Special 💖
Boom Chicka Boom ❤ Valentine's Day Songs for Kids ❤ Kids Dance Song ❤ by The Learning Station
VALENTINE'S DAY WORKOUT For Kids! FUN Exercise and Entertainment!


How Your Muscles Work

Song of the month

Sesame Street: Bruno Mars: Don't Give Up