The Gold Rush

By Max H

Different Types Of Mining

There are two types of mining shaft and alluvial both these ways require different tools and have different advantages. Firstly shaft mining is when you find gold that has washed up into nearby creeks and requires a bucket and pan. Then there's alluvial mining whick requires a cradle, pick and bucket.
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Tools On The Goldfields

Mining requires different types of tools such as pickaxes, buckets and pans these tools are used for digging, colecting and panning gold. Another common used tool is a cradle it costs around 2.8 shillings and is used in shaft mining for putting in the muddy water and sorting it out into gold. For getting underground miners used shovels and were mainly used for alluvial mining.

Chinese On The Goldfields

After 1000 miners came down to mine 7000 men from China joined in but they had even better tools and worked together to mine and because of this there was a lot of racisim going around. Some miners even wanted to send the chinese away but this didn't stop them it actually encouraged them to keep mining.

Women On The Goldfields

Women made up a small population on the Goldfields and there were 20% less women then the mens population and usually stayed in cabins made of logs with there children while the husband would go out and mine. Unlike miners women would stay back and protect there son/daughter from diseases.

Life On The Goldfields

Life was not so easy on the Goldfields because gold buyers would give you the wrong amount of pounds or your gold would be just flat out stolen. But you could strike lucky with 190 pounds of gold but in order to mine you had to have a licence. A licence costs 30 shillings each month and if you didn't have one you would be beaten up or sometimes even shot.

Extra Info

The largest gold nugget found was called the holemens specimans in 1972 the star of hope mine.

Bathurst was where to miners started to mine and find gold.

Nuggets are large chunks of gold.

The man who started the gold rush was Edward Hargraves.