The Dark Side

Rules to follow

Internet, one of the most precious things we can't live without.

But rules requires in everything! And the rules are there for you to follow. This means there are rules required in using the internet. It's simple as the rules you follow at school or at your house. But there's some people who doesn't follow that rule and decides to bully someone in the internet, or hack someone's account, or even tries to stock them using the internet. Internet was made to make our life easier not to make our life miserable. Now it's time to make things right. There's rules to follow and bullies to stop.

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That's a benifit

Inter was made to make our life easier, so why don't we look at the ways internet makes our life easier. First it let us play game, (search up some game websites then press play) and it also keep you in contact with your parents and your friends or anyone you have to call or text. You can also note what to do, when, and where. All of these advantages are what helps our life be more comfortable. While you use the devices you were given, you might find more ways to use it to comfort your life.
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How it makes your life miserable

It's like disadvantage always follow advantage. When it makes your life easier, it also makes your life harder too when people start to use it for different purpose. That's why it's important to follow the rules that require to the internet. So the other purpose people use the internet for is: to make people feel bad about how they look and who they are in public. Also sometimes people will post embarrassing photos and videos of your self without permissions! Imagine this happening to you. But this could all change by following to you.