The Flix Outbreak

Emily Axelrod & Jillian Bock

1997 was when the company Netflix was founded and first introduced to the public. That is when it all started. To this date, there are more than 35.67 million subscribers. According to National Teenager Addiction Foundation (NTAF), 14.9 million cases of Flix have been reported just in the past four months.

Flix is when a teenger watches more than fifteen hours of tv shows or movies per day. This is commonly known as “binge watching,” which means watching a tv show for a long period of time. After watching a tv show for a certain amount of time, Netflix will send you a notification to check that you are still watching. Clicking yes is the first sign of an addiction problem.

Signs that you or a friend might have Flix is ignoring texts because you are binge watching, pulling an all nighter because you are watching Netflix, saying to yourself that you are just going to watch one episode but end up watching three seasons, and feeling like your Netflix account knows you better than your friends do. Early diagnosis is key. If you see any signs of this disease in yourself or a friend, immediately take action.

Symptoms of this disease include migraines, impaired eyesight, lack of social life, insomnia, and blackouts. If you feel any of these symptoms due to watching Netflix, please contact the nearest hospital immediately. Early diagnosis is key. If you show any symptoms, immediately take action.

Once Flix is diagnosed, here are ways you can watch Netflix in a healthy way: stop the episode three-quarters of the way in, turn off the autoplay feature, take a moment or two before deciding to watch another episode, and set a timer for your WiFi signal. This will help prevent an unhealthy addiction.

“This is becoming very nerve racking and worrying for us experts. We have never seen an epidemic quite like this before. It is affecting teenagers academic and social life.”- Julia Reodgers, expert at NTAF.

Please contact the nearest hospital if you begin to have signs of this disease. It is a concerning and serious disease.