3rd Grade Weekly Update

What We Are Learning and Events for May 2-6

What We Are Learning

Reading- We will review over poetry skills and procedural texts.

English- We will review how to properly use quotation marks

Math- We will learn review fractions, geometrical figures, perimeter and area.

Social Studies- We will work in teams to create a business plan.

Field Day Information

T Shirt order forms are due Friday, May 6! Please send $6.00 cash or check (made out to Blue Haze Elementary). Our shirts are a mint green color and can be worn any day of the week after field day! We are looking forward to our All School Field Day and appreciate your support!

ABC Countdown

May 2- E: Exercise Day, we will exercise together outside.

May 3- F: Furry Friend Day, bring your furry stuffed animal to school.

May 4- G: Game Day, bring in a game to play with a friend.

May 5- H: Happy Mother's Day, we will make a Mother's Day Craft

May 6- I: Ice Pop Day, we will eat and enjoy ice pops.

Ice Cream Sundae Party

Our Multiplication Fact incentive, Ice Cream Sundaes, is quickly approaching (May 17). If your child has not mastered all his/her facts 0-12, please continue to practice at home. The amount and types of ice cream and toppings are all based on how many levels have been achieved.


Your child will be taking the STAAR Test next week. Tuesday, May 10 will be the Reading STAAR Test and Thursday, May 12 will be the Math STAAR test. Please be sure that your child has a good nights rest and is at school on time. This is a timed test. Also, please remember that our campus will be closed those days. No visitors during school hours. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

May 2-6: E-I on the ABC Countdown

May 10: Reading STAAR

May 12: Math STAAR

May 17: Multiplication Sundae Incentive

May 18: College Blitz

May 19: Park Day, wear comfortable walking shoes

May 20: STAAR Carnival

All About 3rd Grade

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns:

Mrs. Belousek: kbelousek@wsisd.net

Mrs. Vinson: lvinson@wsisd.net

Mrs. Torres: mtorres@wsisd.net

Mrs. Button: cbutton@wsisd.net

Mrs. Speer: aspeer@wsisd.net

Mrs. Caldwell: acaldwell@wsisd.net

Miss Morse: amorse@wsisd.net

Miss Hebert: chebert@wsisd.net