New technology coming in 10 years!

Alexia Belitsas 6F

5 Futuristic Technology That May Come True Very Soon.

1. Jet Pack International H202 - Hongkiat T.D.I

Jet Pack International are making great strides in jetpack technology H202 and H202-Z jetpacks. As the name suggests, both the H202 and H202-Z arehydrogen peroxide-fueled jetpacks that will allow uers to fly at up to 77 miles per hour at a maximum height of 250 feet. So far thought, the higher-capacity H202-Z is only capable of a maximum flight length of 33 seconds and a maximum travel distance of 3,300 feet. But you have to admit, it’s a start. The Jet Pack International units have great potential, and the lacking travel time and distance is outweighed by how mobile and controllable the flight is, not to mention how compact the units actually are. The Jet Pack International H202 and H202-Z are actually currently available, albeit not commercially: you can assemble the jetpack yourself, if you have$100,000 lying around. It is would be useful for traffic, events, travel wise situations and in general it will really improve and help human kind. We don't know when we will have it created or published as it is a maybe.

I have chosen the idea of a jet packfor number 1 because I find it very interesting and I hope one day it will come true and we could all use it.

Man Soars in the Air with the Help of a Jetpack
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2. Aerofex Aero-X - Hongkiat T.D.I

If you’re a Star Wars fan, the Aerofex Aero-X, a real-life equivalent of the Star Wars speeder bike, is definitely something you’ll want to keep your eyes on. This tech could be used as a car or a vehicle need to transport! The Aero-X is the result of more than 15 years of research and development Powered by a water-cooled 240 horsepower engine and two large rotors, the release date is yet to come as it is still not invented. The Aero-Xcan hover at an altitude of 12 feet and at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour power. It can also carry up to 310 pounds. Think of the potential. Also, as a result of this extended research and development period, Aerofex claims to have overcome the dangerous coupling effect that can arise due to using two rotors, ensuring that the Aero-X will be safe and easy to control. The Aero-X is currently available for preorder for a refundable $5000 deposit. The final unit is scheduled to be available in 2017 at the price of $85,000.

I have chosen the idea of this for number 2 because I find it very interesting and cool. I also look forward to it maybe in the future!

Tandem-Duct Aerial Demonstrator
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3. Cave2 - Hongkiat T.D.I

Cave2 is a hybrid reality environment that lets artists, scientists and engineers become fully immersed in their research. The release date like always is yet to come due to not fully created tech, The Cave2 is a 360° wraparound structure consisting of 72 LCD panels, a 20-speaker surround sound system and a 10-camera optical motion tracking system. With 3D glasses, scientists and engineers will actually be able to virtually experience and move through anything of their choosing, whether it’s the human body or planets in the solar system. The Cave2 holds an immense amount of potential, especially for situations involving large amounts of data requiring visualization. In fact, a recent project fed crime data from the city of Chicago into Cave2, allowing policymakers and investigators to virtually fly through Chicago, accompanied by real-time crime data and information.

I have chosen this idea for number 3 because I really REALLY hope it comes true! It is sooo cool!

CAVE2 immerses scientists and engineers in their research -- literally! - Science Nation
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4. StoreDot Fast Charging Battery - Hongkiat T.D.I

StoreDot, a ground-breaking nanotechnology company, recently unveiled a prototype for a next-generation battery that harnesses all their knowledge of nanotechnology and energy storage technologies. Date of release is unknown due to only having one product and not have created any yet. StoreDot uses bio-organic "nanodots" that have increased electrode capacitance and electrolyte performance. The science is a bit complex, but the outcome is simple: as a result of these nanodots, the battery can be fully charged in only 30 seconds. The best thing is that, since StoreDot’s nanodots are bio-organic, they’re a lot more environmentally friendly, not to mention power-efficient, than a lot of other competing nanodot technologies which often use dangerous metals and chemicals. They’re also apparently cheap to manufacture, so who knows, we may be seeing super-fast batteries in our smartphones before too long.

I have chosen this idea for number 4 because I really hope this is created because I really need it!

Charging Smartphone in 30S: StoreDot Flash-Battery Demo
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5. 'Back to the Future' Hoverboard. - Hongkiat T.D.I

Yeah, we know, it was a hoax, but for a brief, glorious moment, it seemed like all our Back to the Future-fueled dreams were coming true: an actual working hoverboard that wasn’t just a scientific experiment constrained to a laboratory. The realease dat is unknown and so is the created date. The promo video, from a company named HUVr and featuring famous faces like Tony Hawk and Dr. Emmet Brown himself doing everything from just riding around to catching footballs and even controlling the hoverboard with an iPhone.As it turned out only a day later, the video and the entire hoverboard was a hoax by Funny or Die, but the fact that it captured the imagination of so many people shows that, yes, people really do want hoverboards. It’s safe to say that if reserachers ever do figure it out, it’ll be an achievement that nobody will ever forget. It can be used for entertainment, moving from one location to another and many more!

I have chosen this for my last and final one because I find it super cool and I feel like us humans will love this!

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