OSLA Team Newsletter

February, 2016

New OSLA Communication Tool

Due to the new format of OSLA meetings, we will be using a newsletter to communicate essential team information. Please contact Patty Fong fongpat@cpsboe.k12.oh.us if you have information that needs to be included in the next newsletter.

Upcoming PD to Share with Your Staff

Please share this flyer with your teachers. This PD is right around the corner!

Developing Language and Literacy Skills for ELLs -

A Systematic Approach to Making Instructional Decisions


OELPA Paper Accommodations

ESL Coordinators were contacted about the number of paper orders needed. If you have not already done so, please email Patty Fong with the number of each paper version you will need at each grade level.

This accommodation would be appropriate for a SIFE student who is a very recent arrival and has little to no technology skills.

Parkerwoods ELL Family Night

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 6pm

4370 Beech Hill Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Westwood ELL Family Night

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 6pm

2981 Montana Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

ESL Learning Teams - Final Meeting

Wednesday, March 23rd, 4:15pm

2146 Ferguson Road

Cincinnati, OH