Marissa DeVault Murder

By Andres Beteta and Ruben Garcia


  • The testimony of surgeon Steinle on the damage Devault caused on her husband's head.
  • The confession of Devault on killing her husband.
  • Hospital records of domestic abuse.
  • Debt of boyfriend.
  • Blood splattered evidence showed that the suspect hit the victim.
  • Changing stories from Devault.


We believe that she killed him because of the history of abuse and the life insurance she needed for her boyfriend. This is not self defense because she was not in immediate danger when she killed him and the intention of getting his life insurance. Therefore Devault is guilty.


Devault was apparently raped and being strangled by her husband, then her husband went to sleep. She went to the bathroom and then snapped and got a hammer and repeatedly struck him in the head. 3 weeks later, her husband died.