How It Affects Our Lives

China's Impact

China has a different way of living than the United States. Their culture is so different from ours from the food they eat, to their way of learning and there are a lot more people there than in the United States. With globalization, our countries now have effects on each other through the actions that they make. Our interaction with China has impacted our lives through the communication with Chinese citizens, the Chinese government, and our economy.

How Individual Rights Affect Us

The Chinese have individual rights that the Chinese government gives to them and they have no say in it. An individual right that affects us is their monitoring of international broadcasting. When we have important information that we want to tell the Chinese citizens, our information doesn't always get to them because their government might not approve of it and won't show it on television. This doesn't allow us to communicate with the citizens which creates problems for us.

Government Policies

How China's Government Policies Affect Us

The one child policy in China has been around ever since the 1970s and not all Chinese citizens have been happy about it. Now the government might not be as strict with it and let families have two children on certain conditions. The labor camps for Chinese people that have been involved with crimes are being abolished. These two policies affect us first because the government is taking some of the United States advice at becoming more of a democracy and giving the Chinese some more freedom. The second way this affects us is there is going to be more people in China now since they might be letting families have more children. There might not be enough room in China so they might have to move somewhere else like the United States. If they move to our country they take more of our jobs when other people that are already in this country need those jobs. If this policy really is letting families have more children, Americans will probably be seeing more Chinese people in their country in the coming years.

China's Global Interactions

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How China's Global Economic Interactions Affect Us

China is now the second most powerful economy in the world. With their smart trades with developed countries like the United States, they are making a lot of money and creating a lot of jobs. They also own trillions of dollars of our debt. This affects us because most of the stuff we buy in the United States is made in China, even some of our flags. Since their economy is doing well that means that they are manufacturing a lot of products at a low rate so the United States is saving money instead of manufacturing it in our own country.