QuanTech and Zenatural Vibes

Zen Frog presents the extraordinary technology+music event

The world is changing fast

Witness first hand the most astounding accelerated change in your knowledge, health and feeling that's hard to imagine, while coherently soaking up pure melody, rhythm and rhyme brought to you by Andy Smart and The Spiritual Physicist. Be prepared to want to stay forever...

Cre8 health - Cre8 the future - Cre8 life

Ancient egyptian technology mixed with healthful music combine in an atmosphere which you could possibly only describe as electric. The longer you stay the better you will feel. This is the concept inspired by Cre8-Health.
Zen frog productions, holland
  • Reset and revive entrance
  • Main hall music and vibes
  • Food and drink available in the lobby
  • Purchases made in the beehive
  • Every corner charged with light
  • Energized magnetized ionised alkalised water available
  • Local healthy fusion foods
  • Supplemental research table
  • and much more ...

Andy Smart

Live performances and music by the infamous and one of a kind Andy Smart.
A blend of colour and energy you've never felt before.

"Andy fills the air with an unmistakable energy"

See what kind of otherworlds technology will be waiting for you when you arrive


Bring your own seat-belts

Be Bruce Lee prepared

Evolved products will be available
Possible inspiration guaranteed

Top secret knowledge infused

Tea and snacks on standby for blown minds

Planning architecture by Stichting Cultuurprojecten

This event is architected carefully with maximum pleasure and evolution as the primary goal.
Warning: Your Health may improve, and IQ may increase.
Set your intentions

See you there