On you mark, get set, GO!!!

Field day, Eric Carle, tshirt designs, ocean market update

MOMs, You're Invited!

Our family would like to host our moms this Friday morning from 8:30-9:30 for "Manicure for Moms." An official invitation should have come to your inbox. If not, follow the link below to RSVP! Please RSVP so that we can get a head count. We will find stand-ins for any moms that cannot attend.


We were asked to create a t-shirt design for upcoming Community 2 Learners. Each learner submitted their design. Then we voted on our top 2 choices. These top 2 will move on to the Community Level decision. We made this mini activity into word problems.
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Ocean Market update

We have continued progress towards our ocean market. The students are working in small group to create their "Ocean Newspaper" (still needs a title). For the newspaper, learners signed up for the area of interest; cover page, sports pages, ads, comics, etc. They have also been stuffing and painting to create stuffed orca animals. Market is schedules for May 20th. We are working on a Parent Preview to invite parents to view their hard work and learning all year. We will send more information soon.

Field Day

For more field day photos, click the link below...

Chick Update

Our babies are growing big and strong. They are flapping out of their habitat which calls for some adjustments. One teachers sent me the first photo after leaving school for the day. We have had many visitors in our room this week. Our learners have had many opportunities to greet, host, answer questions, and teach about the chicks.

Hamster habitat

As you all know, our hamster, Tanner has had quite the adventures escaping from his habitat a couple of times and luckily being found by the janitor. We took this opportunity for some real world problem solving and using our voices. Our learners wrote letters to the Kaytee Company telling about their faulty habitat. Their writing was purposeful, authentic, and solved real world problems. Here are examples of a few...(you might see these pop up in Freshgrade) :)

Bobo got a bath.

Thanks to Mr. Bicard who came and helped give Bobo a bath. This also gave learners an opportunity to pet him. Bobo likes to be pampered.

Eric Carle

We began an author study on Eric Carle. He has written children's favorites like The Very Busy Spider, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Clumsy Click Beetle, Do You Want to be my Friend, and many others. This also gave us a chance to revisit some skills, such as nonfiction/fiction and comparing and contrasting texts. Eric Carle is very unique because of his artwork. He paints colors on tissue paper, then cuts out shapes to form pictures. We will begin our Eric Carle paintings this coming week. These will be used in our ocean market as the cover designs for our coral reef notebooks. It all fits!

Thanks to our Mystery Reader!

Dr. Freeman stopped in to surprise us with an old favorite, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and a new favorite, Nettie Jo's Friends.
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Upcoming dates

  • May 5th-Miss Whiten's last day
  • May 6th-Manicures for Moms
  • May 8th-Mother's Day
  • May 2-6-Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 20-Community One's Ocean Market
  • May 26-Last Day for Learners