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Temple University’s Residence Hall Association is a governmental student led group that serves as a representative to the residential student population. The Residence Hall Association aims to provide advocacy, campus wide programming and service learning opportunities to enhance the experience of residential students while providing an opportunity to develop leadership skills. The Residence Hall Association is an organization sponsored through the Office of University Housing & Residential Life. The Residence Hall Association has a executive board for which is responsible to ensure that students are provided with a conducive environment to express feedback, advocate for change, and be a part of an inclusive educational environment.

The Residence Hall Association executive board is comprised of an executive president, vice president of internal affairs, vice president of external affairs, secretary, treasurer, and national communication’s coordinator. Residence Hall Association executive board members are bound to all provisions as listed in the organization’s constitution as well as the detailed position descriptions as listed below. Residence Hall Association executive board is a student leadership/representative position that is held to a high standard of performance within the Office of University Housing & Residential Life.

RHA Application information

To apply to be on the RHA Executive board, please submit a cover letter and resume to Steve Dexter, RHA Advisor at steve.dexter@temple.edu by Friday April 3, 2015.

Please visit the RHA website and click on RHA Application to view the full position description, academic requirements, and contract by clicking Here

Cover Letter and Resume Tips

Please include the following in your cover letter and resume:

1. Desire to serve on the RHA Executive Board

2. The impact you believe you can have serving on the RHA Executive Board

3. Qualifications, experiences, programs you have planned for previous leadership positions.

4. At least one reference who can speak to your leadership experiences.

Application Timeline

Applications open on March 20, 2015

Applications close on April 3, 2015

Interviews will be scheduled starting as early as March 24, 2015

Notifications will be sent by April 8, 2015

RHA Executive Board Position Descriptions

The Residence Hall Association’s executive board is comprised of a President, Vice President for Internal Affairs, Vice President for External Affairs, Secretary, Treasurer, and National Communications Chair. These positions were established in conjunction with standards set forth NACURH and the Office of University Housing & Residential Life to ensure that the mission of the organization is administered. The descriptions below briefly illustrate the responsibilities of each designated position. There is one person appointed to each position for a total of six (6) executive members.

Executive President

Serve as a main resource for developing relations with other student organizations. Essentially, the President is the spokesperson for the group unless otherwise designated. The President is additionally responsible for chairing both the executive board meetings as well general assembly meetings. The President shall work closely with the RHA advisor(s) to ensure that the constitution, purpose, and goals of the organization are strictly followed. President shall ensure that the organization is actively participating with the STARS program facilitated through the Office of Student Activities as well as being registered as an official student organization.

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Shall serve as a liaison between community council advocate coordinators as well as serve in the absence of the president. This Vice President shall ensure that student’s voices are heard through the advocacy of the organization. Furthermore, this Vice President shall ensure that a food and housing advisory committee is properly formed during the academic to provide feedback. The Vice President shall serve as the chief officer in reviewing request for fund proposals that residence hall Community Councils may submit.

Vice President of External Affairs

Shall serve as a liaison between other campus organizations and build relationships with other departments. This essential component also implies that the Vice President shall attend TSG meetings to represent the organization accurately and report back any pertinent information. The Vice President shall also be responsible for producing newsletters comprised of all Community Council activities at least twice each semester. This Vice President shall serve as the chief officer in speaking on behalf of the organization through media and drafting emails, listservs, and information for the website.


To maintain accurate minutes, records, and files for the organization. The Secretary shall additionally serve as the presiding chair over a food committee to elicit feedback from residential students about dining services. The Secretary shall act as the “Historian” of the organization by ensuring that photos are taken at events and accurately keeping a report for the organization’s activity that shall be submitted to RHA advisor(s) in April. Lastly, the secretary shall coordinate all efforts for the transitional leadership of the RHA executive board in April of each academic year.


To act as the official representative in regards to organizing all fundraising and required service learning activities sponsored by the organization. The Treasurer shall maintain a complete account for the budget distributed during the fall semester via the RHA advisor(s). It is the duty of the Treasurer to assist with developing or amending the request for proposal funds form as well as train each individual Community Council on how to accurately complete this request. Lastly, the treasurer shall complete all paperwork required for programming on behalf of the organization.

National Communication’s Coordinator

To research all required information for the NACURH/CAACURH Conference. The NCC chair shall secure all payment and travel arrangements for delegates attending the conference. The NCC shall coordinate all conference attendance by each select RHS member. NCC shall develop all communications being sent out by the organization consisting of, but not limited to flyers, website, facebook, twitter, etc. All designs supported by the organization will be facilitated through the executive board within this position. Lastly, the NCC shall develop relationships with other neighboring RHA programs.