Spreekt Nederlands!

*it means 'Speaking Dutch!'

Introduction phrase:

Hallo, ik heet Taylor! Leuk je te ontmoeten!

Hi, I'm Taylor! Nice to meet you!


This project's goal is to help me learn a basic understanding of the language 'Dutch'. It will further my knowledge of another country and give me a skill I could use in the future! This impacts others in a few ways. I could teach my friends a few basic phrases or words if they ever wanted to know! I could also speak to my mother and Oma and Opa in Dutch. My Oma and Opa are fluent and my mother can still understand it! It is not only a useful skill to have, but it allows me to connect to my heritage in a new way!

What the Netherlands is known for:

Why I chose to do this project:

I hope to become closer to my grandparents and heritage! I love strong of an influence it has and how much they love their country. By learning how to speak dutch I can achieve this goal! I would love to surprise them with my new skill. Even if it were only a few phrases, they would still love it!

Simple Introductions:

Learn Dutch - Dutch in Three Minutes - Self Introductions

Simple Greetings:

Learn Dutch - Dutch in Three Minutes - Greetings