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Iss 5

Yearbook Distribution

Yearbooks will be distributed today, May 12th, during Bulldog Time for Freshmen and during 8th period for Junior High students.

NJHS Inducts New Members

By Lauren Whaley

Congratulations to Morgan Baird, Martika Campbell, Emma Fogle, Emily Harrison, Alethia Henderson, Yadbir Kaur, Kelsey Le, Allison Maschmeier, Tukker Romey, Elli Winkler, Emily Merritt, Kaitlin Bohlman, Kelsey Bohnsack, Noah Longoria, Zoee Smith, Alanna Becker, Hannah Splattstoesser, Avery Mitchell, Victoria Brady, Avery Dishman, Callie Cushing, Morgan Van Anne, Adam Flowers for making it into National Junior Honor Society! These eighth graders were inducted into NJHS on May 5 at the Freshmen Academy.

We would also like to recognize the freshmen who will be inducted into National Junior Honor Society. These freshmen include Hayley Allen, Josie Brown, Megan Chrisman, Matthew Eckerberg, Brandon Panattoni, Mary Newman, Derek Sabala, Janet Spengler.

Consider Mock Trial

By Jaela Hardin

While considering what story to write for this year’s final issue, I couldn’t help think about my favorite extracurricular, which happens to be Mock Trial. Though I’ve written stories of our team’s updates for the newspaper, there is a more important part of this activity that needs to be spoken of.

Many people in the Freshman Academy did not audition for Mock Trial simply because they did not know what it was. I did not know exactly what I was getting myself into either.

The easiest way to explain Mock Trial is to say that it is a fake court case. Members who audition as witnesses will act as another person in the courtroom, giving a testimony. Members who audition as an attorney will argue the case and question the witnesses.

The case is worked throughout the season and I encourage anyone who wants to work hard and challenge themselves mentally to try out.

Mr. Stobel, Gering’s Mock Trial coach, has shared his hopes for the team. He says, “In next year's team members, I would like to see people who are not afraid of a challenge, people who can take a puzzle with missing pieces and imagine what could fill in the gaps.

“If people enjoy crime dramas on TV, they will enjoy the detective work that it takes to put together a case for mock trial. They must think critically and creatively, work diligently and enthusiastically, and speak confidently and passionately.

“I want them to enjoy not only the adrenaline rush of unscripted competition in which they must always expect the unexpected, but also the practice time in which they piece the case together bit by bit until a compelling case emerges.”

Gering Says Goodbye to Teachers

When the 2015-16 school year ends next week, the 7-9 building will be saying goodbye to some of our teachers.

Mr. Richter, teacher, will be retiring after 20 years in the Gering system.

Ms. Gowin will be moving to Kearney to teach language arts at Horizon Middle School.

Two teachers are leaving to teach in Scottsbluff. Mrs. Mandy Hadenfeldt has taken a job teaching math at the new Scottsbluff Freshman Academy, and Mr. Boness will be teaching social studies at Bluffs Middle School.

Mrs. Huelle, freshman English, will be retiring. (Thanks to her for coming out of retirement to fill the English position this year.)

Ms. Lupomech, computers, will be moving to Hastings to teach business classes at Hastings Community College.

Take a moment before the final bell and tell these teachers thank you for all they have done for Gering Public Schools.


Congratulations to Kyle Schroeder, Isaiah Henderson, Criztian Avalos, Derek Sabala, Quinton Janecek, Riley Schilz, and Megan Maser for making Harmony!

GHS Flag Team

Congratulations to Kassadie Rahmig, Mary Newman and Gracie Batt (alternate) for making the GHS Flag Team!

GHS Poms

Congratulations to Megan Maser, Elli Winkler, Kelsey Le, Karli Wasson, Gabriella Allbaugh, and Alaina Millay for making the GHS Poms Team!

GHS Cheer

Congratulations to Mia Murillo, Camry Rowan, Kaitlin Bohlman, Kylie Brink, Elizabeth Douville, Destiny Mueller, and Kayleigh Hamilton for making the GHS Cheer Team!

Freshman Compete in District Music

By Gracie Batt

District Music Contest was hosted by WNCC on April 21. More than 8 schools competed.

The Freshman Band received a Superior Rating, as well as Jazz Band and all of our other groups that competed. “All of our bands got a plaque of recognition. That hasn’t happened in years,” said director Randy Raines.

Solos and Ensembles who were awarded a Superior rating include Gracie Batt and Quinton Janacek- snare duet, and Hassie Hood on trumpet, who also earned an Outstanding Performance Honorable Mention.

Most of our freshmen received Excellent ratings. Freshman solos involved Megan Chrisman- clarinet,


Hardin- alto sax, Matthew Eckerberg- tuba, Janet Spengler- french horn, Derek Sabala- trumpet.

Excellent ensembles include a clarinet duet, Kassadie Rahmig and Star Cervantes, an alto saxophone duet, Blanca Munoz and Lyndsey Gross, and alto saxophone trio, Jaela

Hardin, Lyndsey Gross, and Isaiah Henderson.

Caleb Andrews and Cole Bevins received a good rating on their euphonium duet.

“This is the most freshman entries Gering has had in several years, and they all performed very well,” said Raines.

Freshman Choir Sing at Districts




The Freshman Choir performed at District Music Contest on April 21 and received an Excellent rating.

Additionally, Alaina Millay and Olivia Schaub received an Excellent rating in their duet, and Alissa Maldonado and Gaby Castro performed solos and each received an Excellent rating.

Paw Prints Staff

The Paw Prints 2015-2016 staff consists of Alaina Millay, Lauren Whaley, Nathan Van Anne, Mary Newman, Ava Marez, Rachel Rawlings, Hannah Coleman, Gracie Batt, Gabby Gonzalez-Orozco, Blanca Muñoz, Gina Anthony, Megan Maser, Salma Silva, and Jaela Hardin.