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Paddock Road Summer Newsletter

July 31, 2020

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Welcome Back Pandas!

School Begins Tuesday, August 18th at 8:30 a.m. for Group A or Thursday, August 20th at 8:30 a.m. for Group B! Note the new start time!

*B Group students will not log on for e-learning on the 18th or 19th and will receive all school materials on August 20th for their first day.

Tuesday, August 18th - 8:30-3:30 (Group A)

Wednesday, August 19th - 8:30-3:30 (Group A)

Thursday, August 20th - 8:30-3:30 (Group B)

Friday, August 21st - 8:30-3:30 (Group B)

*Students completing extended learning from home will have required virtual learning times between 8:45 and 1:25 pm (grades K-2) and 8:45-2:00 pm (grades 3-6).

Beginning of the Year Kindergarten Schedule

Incoming kindergarten students will come to school during the week of August 18th according to the Kindergarten Group 1 or 2 Letter that was sent to families. Please come to school on the days you were assigned according to the letter:

Group 1: August 18th and 19th


Group 2: August 20th and 21st

The Yellow Plan will begin for kindergarten students the week of August 24th. If you have questions or need a reminder if your kindergarten student is in Group 1 or Group 2, please call the office at 402-390-6465.

Message From Mr. Becker

Paddock Road Families,

I am excited to welcome you back to the 2020-2021 school year. While this year has and will continue to come with its challenges, I can assure you that myself and the staff at Paddock Road will be energized and deeply committed to making this another great year for our students. As a staff, we look forward to embracing the adventure of the future while we continue to cherish and celebrate the many positives along the way.

Over the past several weeks, we have continued to define our district plans for a safe reopening this August. Throughout this process, we have maintained committed to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our students, staff, and community, while upholding our mission to ensure academic excellence for every student.

Our team has planned for a variety of protocols to assist in safeguarding our school community's health and well-being. Such protocols include the practice of regular hand washing/sanitizing for all students and staff, the requirement of masks for all students and staff, increased touch surface cleaning, as well as changes to our daily routines to maintain proper social distancing.

We understand that you may have many questions as we move closer to the beginning of the year. Please do not hesitate to call the office at 402-390-6465 with any questions you may have. Additionally, please continue to watch for district communication in regards to the most updated District Pandemic Plan (below).

Due to COVID-19, we will be hosting a virtual Meet and Greet for students and families in an effort to reduce the amount of traffic in the building prior to the start of school. On August 11th, families will receive class placements for students and on August 14th, we will share our teacher welcome videos and additional video messages from the school.

I look forward to welcoming your children back to another great year. Thank you for all you do to support Paddock Road Elementary!

-Mr. Becker

Health And Safety

Masks - Masks will be required. There will be mask breaks taken throughout the day. Masks will be required upon arrival and dismissal of the school day.

Social Distancing - With the wearing of masks, students and staff will maintain social distancing in the hallways and classroom seating.

Hand Washing & Sanitizing - Hand washing and sanitizing procedures will be taught throughout the building and will occur frequently throughout the day. Classrooms will be stocked with hand sanitizer for students and staff to use.

Plexiglass - Plexiglass will be used throughout areas of Paddock to provide more social distancing.

Lunchroom - Students will eat lunch in the lunchroom with social distancing measures.

Specials - Specials will occur with Music and P.E. being held inside the gym or outside for instructional purposes. The gymnasium provides space great enough to provide social distancing in these two disciplines. Art and Library will travel to the classrooms.

Student Supplies - Students will use individual supplies, textbooks and resources. Items will not be shared among the community in the classroom as well as in specials.

Water Bottles - Students should bring their own water bottles that are clearly labeled with their name. Touchless hydration stations and classroom sinks will be used to fill water bottles. Regular drinking fountains will be disabled.

New Staff To Paddock Road


August 18 - First day of School

August 28 - School Picture Day Group B

August 31 - School Picture Day Group A

Sep. 7 - Labor Day - No School

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Due to COVID-19 we will not host any on campus events sponsored by Paddock Road or our Paddock Road Community Club during the first quarter. Decisions about events after this timeframe will be made several weeks after school begins. All WCS Elementaries will follow these guidelines.

Building Visitors

Access to Paddock will be limited to current students, current staff, approved vendors and contractors, and invited visitors with administrative approval. Until further notice, no other visitors will be permitted. For more specific information, please view the district’s pandemic return to learn plan.

Virtual Meet and Greet

  • Meet and Greet at Paddock Road Elementary will be VIRTUAL for the 2020/2021 school year.
  • On August 14th, we will send you the link to access the video shared by your child's classroom teacher, specials teachers, and building administration. In these videos your teachers will share about themselves, what they are excited about for the new school year, and a tour of your classroom.


Masks will be required to be worn by ALL students and staff. Students should arrive in a mask on the first day of school and we will have disposable masks on campus for any student who arrives without one. During their first on-campus day, students will receive one neoprene and two cloth masks to wear. We will be reserving time on August 17th or 19th for students who are 100% E-Learning to be able to pick up their materials and masks.

School Supplies

Students will not be sharing communal school supplies this year. Please feel free to send your student's school supplies with them over the first few days of school due to visitors not being able to be in the building. Please send a water bottle to school with your child with their name clearly marked on it. If you are unable to provide a water bottle, Paddock will provide one for your child. Please see the school supplies list below.

*Additionally, it will be helpful if each child has their own bottle of hand-sanitizer to keep at their desk. We understand some items may be limited, thank you for purchasing what you can during this time.

Extended Learning Campus Student Material Pick-Up

For students who opted into the Extended Learning Campus, iPad, materias, and mask pick-up will be available on August 17th or 19th. Your 20-21 classroom teacher will contact student families during the week of August 10th to determine day and time for pick-up.

School Arrival-New Start Times For Elementaries

Starting this year, our school day will begin at 8:30 am. Students may enter the building at 8:20 am. We will have supervision outside starting at 8:10. We ask that students not arrive before 8:10 am, unless:

Participating in a school activity

Serving on Safety Patrol Working with a teacher

Attending Club 66 Before & After Care program

Teachers are involved in team meetings, staff meetings and individual planning from 8:00-8:20 am.

In an effort to de-densify areas during student drop-off, the following procedures have been put into place:

1) Students will be asked to arrive to school wearing a mask

2) Parents will need to remain in their vehicles when dropping students off for school

3) Students will be waiting in designated areas and entering the building through designated doors to start the day.

  • Kindergarten - Students will line up along the Kindergarten classrooms on the West sidewalk by the windows. Kindergarten will enter through classroom doors.
  • First Grade - Students will stand, socially distanced, on the North side of the front doors. First grade will enter through the front doors to go to their classroom.
  • Second Grade - Students will stand, socially distanced, on the South side of the front doors. Second grade will enter through the front doors to go to their classroom.
  • 3rd-6th Grade - Students will stand, socially distanced, in designated areas on the blacktop. Students will enter the building through exterior classroom doors.
  • Breakfast - Any student eating breakfast will line up, socially distanced, along the library windows. Students will enter the building through the front doors as 8:15am.

Additional Student Drop-off/Dismissal Procedures:

In an effort to keep all of our students, families, and visitors safe, please review the procedures for student drop-off and dismissal.

While in the drive, please wait to have students enter/exit vehicles until you have reached any of the designated spots marked by cones.

  • All parents/guardians will be required to stay in vehicle at all times.
  • If a pick-up spot designated by cones is open, please pull up to the farthest available spot.
  • Thank you for being courteous to one another and and being mindful of cars pulling out of pick-up spots.

Please note that there is NO Off STREET PARKING along the West side of Paddock Road. This side of the street is marked with “No Parking” signs. There are no designated crosswalks directly across from the school, and we are asking that students/families are not walking across the street to cars parked in this location. I have asked staff to leave additional parking spots open on the South side of the drive so that parents may utilize these if they are wanting to drop off students and walk them into the building or wait for students who may be coming out later during dismissal.

Those picking up students after school may also want to consider using the parking lot located on the backside of the school. This area is supervised by staff after school. This option tends to have considerably less traffic and may be useful for some.

Morning Drop-off—We ask for all students to be dropped off in the drive in the front of the building. We will not have a Safety Patrol or Supervisor on duty in the back of Paddock for morning drop-off. Students will be asked to wait in designated areas. Staff supervision will be present at 8:10 a.m. Students will be let into the building at 8:20 a.m.

Afternoon Pick-up—We will have staff supervision for after school pick-up in the back of the building.

Thank you for your continuing support in making Paddock Road a safe and productive environment for all.

A Big "Socially-Distant" Welcome Back to School from Community Club!

Paddock Road Community Club (PRCC) is designed to support parents, guardians, teachers and staff in creating the best learning environment for our students. This year already looks and feels different than previous years and will undoubtedly bring forth unexpected opportunities and challenges for us all. As a team dedicated to our students, #WeAreWestside and we have the skills, talents and desires to get beyond these challenges safely and better for them.

As the PRCC Board, we want to give you some updates and provide some ways you and your students can get involved prior to the start of the school year. Last year, students won a Gaga Ball pit for their achievements during the fall read-a-thon. Construction was delayed due to the school closing last spring but is now planned for August. We will schedule the winners' tournament as soon as possible depending on restrictions. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Most of the activities that PRCC sponsors will also be different this year based on district restrictions. Classroom parties, conference dinners, new student gathering, field trips, and even our on-site meetings...all of these are on hold for the foreseeable future. We will be looking for ways to get creative and still provide our students with fun experiences. Additionally, we will most likely be holding virtual meetings, so be on the lookout for more information. Our first meeting is scheduled for September 1st and we still need your help coming up with ideas on how to engage families in school life. All are invited!

Here are a few "socially-distant" ways you and your students can get involved prior to the start of the school year, whether we are Green, Yellow or Red!

  • Join our Facebook group to get updates on activities, meetings, and ways to get involved.
  • Download the TAGG app on your phone and help us raise money on purchases you already make. It's easy!
  • Get some spirit swag! Youth and adult T-shirts and hoodies are available as well as other items that you might find helpful.
  • Download the Box Tops for Education app on your phone to help us raise money.
  • Join a committee! We appreciate all the help we can get.
  • Plan to join us on September 1st for the first PRCC meeting. More info to come.
  • Check out our Website for more information.
  • Have questions about Paddock Road Elementary or PRCC? Email us at

We appreciate our district and school leaders for their continued commitment to our students and families. We look forward to creating memories with you this school year!

PRCC Officers 2020-2021

President - Alicia Battershell (1st, 3rd and 6th grades)

Vice-President - Rachel Mesenbrink (3rd grade)

Secretary - Kay Storck (2nd grade)

Co-Treasurers - Kara and Eddie Morin (2nd and 3rd grades)

School Lunch

  • Menus
  • Deposit Money
  • Free/Reduced Applications
  • District Approved Snack List
Menus/Deposit Money

Can’t find an answer to your question? Please email Director of Nutrition Services Erin Vik at or call 402-390-3833

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Applications for free/reduced meals must be completed every year. If you have questions about the free/reduced meals program, please email Michele Divoky at or call (402) 390-3382.

Special Diets/Meal Requests

For questions about meal offerings and special diet requests, please email Jennifer Allen at or call 402-390-8344.

Birthday Treats

Birthday Treats are a special way to celebrate your child with his/her classroom. Birthday treats are not required, but appreciated. They can be consumable or non-consumable. If you choose to bring in food, it must be an approved treat or snack from our District's Healthy Snack List.

*Items not individually bagged will be distributed by the classroom teachers. Teachers will wear masks and gloves to do so.


Updating School Information and Teacher Placement Letters

Annual Updates in Power School should come out Aug.3rd. Please be watching for the email from Heather Weist or Westside. This includes all permission forms for Field Trips.

Completing this important task will prevent delays in back-to-school mailings, including teachers’ placement letters. Placement letters should arrive at the beginning of August.


Medication Administration Policy

The school district will not purchase, prescribe, or provide any medication for any student. To facilitate the safe administration of medications in school, parents are requested to use the appropriate medication permission form. Before any prescribed medications will be administered at school, the AUTHORIZATION FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION AT SCHOOL FORM must be signed by both the physician and the parent. Prescription medications must be brought to school in the prescription bottle, labeled with the student’s name, the date, the medication name, the time, and the dose that is to be given. Most pharmacies will provide you with an extra-labeled bottle upon your request. For inhalers for asthma, we need an Asthma Action Plan along with the Authourization for Administration of Medication at School Form.

Non-prescription medications and ointments (i.e. cough syrup, cough drops, cold medicine, Vaseline, Tylenol/ Ibuprofen/Benadryl, Neosporin, lotions, etc.) must be brought to school in the original bottle/box/container, with the time and dose to be given noted on the signed AUTHORIZATION FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION AT SCHOOL FORM. For the safety of all students, these medications must be kept in the locked cupboard in the health office. Please keep this information available for use in the event your child will need to take medication during school hours. Please arrange medication administration outside of school hours, whenever possible.



Please send a note to your child’s teacher if you are picking up your child early in the day or have a change in transportation arrangements and call the office (402-390-6465) in the morning to let the secretary know your plans to pick up early. It is difficult to notify the students and teachers during the school day especially last minute calls after 3:00 p.m. Thanks for your help!


Use of Telephone

All after school arrangements need to be made by children and parents before arriving at school on any given day. Students will not be able to use the phone to make after school arrangements. Phone calls during the day will not be transferred to students.


Cell Phone Procedures

Students are discouraged from bringing cellphones to school. While students are permitted to bring phones with them to school, phones may not be on a student’s person between the school’s start and dismissal times. During school hours, phones must be either checked in with staff for safekeeping or kept in the student’s book bag.

Returning Student Registration

All RETURNING Westside 66 students must complete the Returning Student Registration for this current school year beginning on August 3rd. Please register your returning Paddock Panda for the 2020-2021 school year.

How do I get started?

Login to your parent PowerSchool account at Click on the Returning Student Registration button. Remember that the registration must be completed for each returning Westside student in your home. Once you're finished, your child will be registered for the 2020-2021 school year.

What if I forgot my PowerSchool account login information?

You can reset your password using the “Forgot Username or Password?” link on the login page ( Please be aware that the recovery email will be sent to the email address you used to create the account, which may not be your current email address. If you need further assistance please email or call 402-390-2100.

Specials At Paddock Road

As part of the District Pandemic Plan and to support our learners in school and at home, the specials schedule has been adjusted.

*30 minute specials daily

*Two week rotation of specials (I.E. PE/Library) will be at Paddock for 10 days, then Library/Music will be at Paddock for 10 days. )

*Paddock Road will begin with Art and Music to start the school year.

Library Book Return

If you still have Library Books from last school year, please return them to school when your children return the first week of school. We are hoping to recover many of the lost or misplaced books from when we began our previous at-home learning experience in March. Thank you!

6th Grade Outdoor Education 2020-2021

Outdoor Education is a time honored tradition for 6th graders in the Westside Community Schools. The experience at Platte River State Platte traditionally takes place in the fall during the sixth grade year. Due to an abundance of caution, Outdoor Education will be postponed and moved to the spring of 2021. The District will continue to evaluate and to receive recommendations from local experts as the year progresses towards spring as we want Outdoor Education to be a positive, safe and healthy experience for all sixth graders and our staff.

Annual AHERA Notice

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA) requires each public school district to annually notify parents, staff, and employee groups of its asbestos management plans. A management plan is in place for Paddock Road and is available for review either at the school building or at the Westside Service Center, 9437 J St. Omaha, NE.

This school building was originally inspected in the1980’s and re-inspected by a certified inspector every three years thereafter. The three-year re-inspection and a ceiling tile inspection was conducted in 2019, and periodic surveillance will be conducted as required. No abatement activities are currently in progress or scheduled for the 2020-2021 school year at this building.

The Designated Person responsible for managing the District’s AHERA compliance and the contact person for questions or to review a management plan is the Director of Facilities, Russ Olsen (402) 390-8331.

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