School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.


Elementary Art Presentation


Link to video:

Nancy Nahrgang, Elementary Art Department Head, introduced the following staff and students to talk about a project that inspired a love of art and to thank the School Board for their support of the Art Program at Parkland:

Elementary Presenters:

CE - Kieran Schelly-Slavin, 4th grade and Susan Hardy, art teacher

FO - Cornelia Lundberg, 3rd grade and Marlanda Birns, art teacher

KR - Milo Ilchuk and Regan Haley, 5th grade and Helen Krizan, art teacher

JL - Georgia Harshman, 2nd grade and Megan Kirschman, art teacher

IR - Megan Tarantino, 4th grade and Emily Binder, art teacher

KV - Finnegan Jenkins-Ford, 5th grade and Nancy Nahrgang, art teacher
SC - Madelynn Wascura, 4th grade and Hailey Adlard, art teacher

PM - Angela Zhao, 5th grade and Marcie Kuhns, art teacher

Rob Holmes will make closing remarks and introduce Todd Gombos to begin the Middle School presentation.

Middle School Presentation

Todd Gombos introduced a video about the incorporation of technology into the curriculum which was a major focus as the schools went to a 1:1 model this year. The video demonstrates an abbreviated lesson of Study Sync, a new web-based English Language Arts curriculum that was implemented this year.

OMS Study Sync video:

Michelle Minotti introduced Data and Instruction Specialist Terri Platter to talk about Imagine Math. Student Kamira Hoover then spoke about an innovative invention project.

SMS Imagine Math video:

After the presentation, Michelle Minotti invited the board to view the student voice and choice video:

High School Presentation

Jim Moniz called forward student Anna Karp to make opening remarks about a video presentation that highlights the Career Weeks that occurred this past fall. 100 speakers presented presentations over the four-week period to freshmen and sophomores who were allowed to participate in up to three sessions.

Link to PHS video on Career Skills Seminars:

Union Presentations

Sandi Gackenbach spoke on behalf of the teacher’s union and Elizabeth Moyer spoke on behalf of PESPA to thank the board for all of their support and dedication to PSD.


Mr. Sniscak thanked the students, teachers, administrators, and union reps and said a few words of appreciation for all that School Board members do day in and day out to support Parkland and advocate for public education.

Regular Meeting

Bill Dreisbach was approved as the new Athletic Director. You can read about him here.

Rob Cohen gave a Parkland Library report stating that they are planning to add 1,000 square feet to the existing location.

Everyone stated that they enjoyed tonight's School Board Recognition presentations. They thanked everyone for the creativity, passion and dedication that was displayed this evening.

David Kennedy and Rich Sniscak thanked the first responders who helped put out the fire in the bus garage this week. Everyone was grateful that there were no injuries and the response was truly a team effort.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at 7 PM (Workshop), 8 PM (Regular Meeting)