There's a solution to stop the POLLUTION!!!

What is Pollution?

Pollution is when us, lazy humans decide to NOT throw rubbish in the bin! For example, you're at a beach and you have rubbish, but there are no bins around so... you throw it in the ocean. And guess what happens? All the sea animals die as a result of YOUR rubbish! So think before you litter! There are many types of pollution such as... Noise, water, land and air.
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Air Pollution

Acording to the U.N reaserch about 3.5 million people die from indoor air pollution while another 3.3 million people die from outdoor air pollution. Vehicles produce more air pollution than any other human activity. People are affected by air pollution because if they breathe in too much smoke or other chemicals they would eventually get cancer.

Land Pollution

In a 2011 article conducted by the BBC, it indicated that the UK throws away about 15 million plastic bottles everyday. And a majority of the plastic bottles end up in the landfill. According to the local governrment association, the UK has scraped more than 27 million tons of rubbish in their landfill every year. People are affected by land pollution because if they are in a polluted environment, the smell of the rubbish will cause problems in our respiratory system.
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Water pollution

According to the Pacific institute, everyday, 2 million tons of sewege is being released into the world's water system. 70% of these people affected by water pollution live in Asia. Unhygienic water causes severe cases of diarrhea and can escalate to approximately 2.2 million deaths each year. Animals and people are affected by water pollution because some animals can get their necks stuck in plastic nets. People are affected by drinking dirty water and that causes diseases.
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Will you help save the world from the evil pollution?