Invasive Species Attacking Okanagan

Two destructive species on the run

We have our unique plants and animals here in the Okanagan but there are also unwanted plants and animals living right here too. Those unwanted plants and animals are called invasive species and 2 of those and going to be described in the following.

Giant Hogweed

An invasive species that was native in central Asia is brought here with its dangerous sap

The Giant Hog weed under the scientific name Heracleum Mantegazzianum is on the run carrying deadly sap that cause burns and reactions to people. It's reported that the plant was brought to the Okanagan because they were curious about its size. People keep mistaking it for a Cow Parsnip and often miss them. Cow parsnips only grow up to 2 m tall. Giant Hog weeds are hard to recognize when they are young because they look like little herbs growing on the ground. Fully grown plants are easier to identity as they are usually are 5.5 m tall making it a very tall herb despite it's a member of the celery, carrot and parsley family.
Giant Hogweed Removal

Eastern Grey Squirrel

Cute animal becomes a big problem in the valley

These fellows ain't a kind forest dweller, they are criminals. Three adorable Eastern Grey Squirrels with the scientific name Sciurus carolinensis escaped from Stanley Park, 1 male and 2 females, and were able to reproduce very fast and spread to Okanagan. The squirrels have caused many damage including destroying bird nests, and competing with other native squirrels. People usually mistake them for their appearances and ignored them. Eastern Grey Squirrels have a gray fur but can also be reddish-brown with a white stripe on their belly.
Eastern Grey Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis