My #O2Why

What motivated me to sell Origami Owl?

We were BROKE!

We just had our first baby and money was tight and when I say "tight" I mean $12 in the account "tight".

When my Husband and I decided to have a baby, I made it clear that I wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom. But with our goals for the future something needed to happen financially.

We are a military family-so that means deployments and essentially being a single mom with no help. I needed flexibility. I was interested in Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing but needed to find the right product.

I was a Surgical Nurse for over 13 years, went into Medical Device Sales then transitioned into Pharmaceutical Sales. So "sales" was in my wheel house but Direct Sales was not.

Origami Owl provided me with personalized gift giving at an amazing low price point. The story about Bella Weems (our founder at 14 years old) still blows me away! I knew that I had found the right product, but I had to make it work! So I reached out to EVERYONE I knew to ask for help in promoting my business. I needed to Build my Team and make this a Success.

With hard work and determination-it has been the most exciting ride to be on! I love our constantly evolving product and our amazing Design Team that keeps our products on "trend".

Don't Wait!

You're worth it! You're goals are obtainable and you have the will power! We will give you the tools to bring it all together!
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