Cardinal Connection

February 2016

Upcoming Events~Please be cognizant of your grade level assessment dates!!!! Click the link below:

  • Feb. 1-5 National School Counselor's Week
  • Feb. 4 Severe Weather Drill 1:30pm
  • Feb. 5 Chancey vs Chenoweth B-Ball 6:00 Westport Middle
  • Feb. 5 PTA Sponsored Teacher Appreciation Lunch (Food items needed see below.)
  • Feb. 10 Chancey vs Klondike 4:00 @Klondike Quick Recall
  • Feb. 11 Erik Dennes to share talking points with staff/students for audit (All day)
  • Feb. 11 B-Ball Playoff Pep Rally & PBIS assembly 2:30pm
  • Feb. 11 Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)
  • Feb. 12 Program Review Audit (See attached schedule)
  • Feb. 12 Friendship Parties (Please send party times to the front office.)
  • Feb. 12 Birthday Books (After the assembly)
  • Feb. 12 Chancey B-Ball Playoffs Begin
  • Feb. 16 Staff Development
  • Feb. 17 Chancey vs Middletown @Chancey Quick Recall
  • Feb. 18 SBDM Meeting (All are welcome.)
  • Feb. 19 Princess Night 6:30-8:30
  • Feb. 20 RoboRumble @Ramsey Middle (Chancey students are participating.)
  • Feb. 23 Staff Development
  • Feb. 24 Mayor's Cup Written Assessments @Zachary Taylor
  • Feb. 25 District Training and Differentiation Walk though Site (Hosting)

Thank you so much for ALL of your support in preparing for this audit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Program Review Audit Schedule

Program Review Audit Schedule

Chancey Elementary School Friday February 12, 2016


Arrival/Set Up


Principal Interview (a.m)


Tour of School

For the audit interview prep session with Erik Dennes on Feb. 11, please come during your planning to get your talking points sheet and ask questions. We will have your classes covered for the audit interviews if you are on the schedule. Mrs. Ivory is working on coverage for Feb. 12, 2016.


Meeting with teachers: Everette/Celani

Meeting with students: Meredith, Aubrey, Gaven


Meeting with teachers: Lotze/Farley

Meeting with students: Cadence, Riona, Quelcy


Meeting with teachers: B. Brooks/Spivak

Meeting with students: McKenna, Alexander, Braden, Eriyah


Lunch Rotation/Audit Team Meeting


Meeting with Mitchell & Dielhlman


Meeting with SBDM


Break/Audit Team Meeting


Principal Interview (p.m)


Faculty Meeting Prep


Faculty Meeting

Congratulations Mrs. Bauer!!!!! Lead teacher for JCPS Pilot VLC!!!!!!!

JCPS VOICE project, in which 10 teacher leaders will be selected to lead a pilot of Virtual Learning Communities (VLCs) in JCPS. The VLCs will essentially function as self-selecting PLCs with participants from across the district, enabling collaboration beyond traditional school-based PLCs. Teachers will earn PD credit for fall training, with the goal of each individual being preparing to lead their own cohort of JCPS teachers upon completion of VOICE training. Follow @jnissen13
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PTA Reflections Winners

Thank you Mrs. Diehlman for submitting this work!!

Demetrius Dunlap~Photography

Big image

Taylor Starck~Film

Taylor's "Stop Motion" video will move on to the Kentucky PTA Reflections for judging at the state level. Fingers crossed!! Check out the video!
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JCTA 2015/2016 Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. Diversity Winners

Thank you Mrs. Celani for allowing our students to submit their work!!!!!

Eli Everette

Big image

Tania Vergara-Gongora

Martin Luther King Jr - The Silence of our friends.

Chancey students participate in RoboRumble @Ramsey Middle School

Chancey students are participating in RoboRumble this year!!!

These dedicated students will be representing Chancey at the Jefferson County Robo Rumble at Ramsey Middle School on Saturday February 20th, beginning at 9:00am. Thank you Mr. Pierce for embracing student centered learning.

Eli Everette

Nathan Sease

Phillip Kristiansen

Aiden Farrell

Jayce Hotchkiss

Cameron Norfleet

Laura Salloum

Carter Chapman

Maria Salloum

February Birthdays

Shannon Mitchell 2/11

Shelia Hill 2/17

Amy Moore 2/20

Anice Curtis 2/24

Alexandra Wood 2/25


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