Embedded Librarian Project

The who, what, when, where, and why...

Bibliographic Instruction Tools


Below are the two BI tools I chose to use for this project. I asked several times what would be the biggest help for the students and without response I had to make a choice. So, the first one I created in order to help the students when searching for scholarly articles. After we practiced using the Belk Library in class one evening, I thought this information might also be helpful for my students.

The second tool I created was a step-by-step guided to using Purdue Owl for all their citation needs. Since it was up to the student which citation format they used, Purdue Owl would be beneficial because it has both MLA and APA formatting information.


After sending my evaluation survey I gained feedback from only two of the four students I had. While one student stated they liked the format of the tools, the other student stated "Article links, web sight and data base suggestions would have been preferred."

Reference Interviews

Although none of the students ever set up a specific time for a reference interview, I did speak to two of them via email about their papers. I spoke with Sage the most of the two. After introducing herself, Sage told me about her paper topic and the questions she was considering asking throughout the paper. She said she would love some suggestions. I looked up resources that might be helpful for her and told her the database they were found. Sage also asked if she could set up a time to have a reference interview in person. When I told her that I could only meet online or via email, she never requested another meeting time.

I also spoke briefly with Lauren and PJ each emailing me about their topics. I told Lauren that if she would email me any questions she had I would do my best to answer them. For PJ, I was actually able to send him several articles and a few books pertaining to his topic. Trying to conduct these interviews via email was harder than I thought they might be.

Below is a link to a correspondences between Sage and I.

Fielding Questions

During this project I never had anyone to ask me any questions. I only actually spoke with one girl the entire time and even that was only about three times. I asked my group several times if there were specific needs that they wished for me to help them with. Even when they introduced themselves and told me a little about their topics they still never asked any questions or needed anything from me. Below I have a link to a google doc that has proof of my attempts to reach out to my group. I finally took it upon myself to share things we had discussed as a group and I created my two BI tools based on things I thought would be most helpful.