Counselor's Corner

Otsego Elementary School: What's Miss Mikesina Planning?

May 2015

Goodwill Earth Day Donation Drive

The Goodwill Earth Day Donation Drive will take place the week of May 4th (collection on May 8th). This program is in partnership with Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio. This is a different and unique way to recycle - in addition to recycling the usual paper & plastic - this is a chance for us to bring in any clothing we would like to recycle. Bring in your donations the week of May 4th. Collection & last day for donations will be May 8th. Can be child or adult clothing. Class with the most bags donated will earn a pizza party on behalf of Goodwill!

Parent Connection: Suggestions for helping anxious children...

What's going on in the classrooms?

In April I visited a couple of the 5th grade classrooms to discuss gossip & rumors. We read "Mr. Peabody's Apples" by Madonna & then talked about how glitter is like gossip - it goes everywhere, you can't control where it goes, very difficult to clean up, sticks to you...5th graders were reminded to remember the "power of their words" and that gossip and rumors are hard to clean up.

April Events: Recap

Bus Driver Appreciation Day

In order to show our bus drivers our appreciation & say thanks, in coordination with the Jr. High student council, we held bus driver appreciation day at the beginning of April. All the elementary students signed a thank you card for their bus driver & the cards were given to the drivers at the end of the day. A week leading up to the day I had many great volunteers (2nd grade pictured here) to help make the cards for the drivers! "Thank you for getting us to and from school safely!"
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