Lakota Preschool Daily Memo!

By: Kelly Miller


Important Dates:
April 4th-8th- Jeans Week if you pay $10 to support the Boys & Girl's Club!
April 5th- Autism Awareness Day (wear your Owl t-shirt or blue)
April 6th- All Policy Council Updates are due by noon!

April 8th- Quarterly Principal Meeting (Creekside at 10:15am)

April 8th- Staff Meeting, BCESC Room A from 2-4pm

April 8th- Autism Awareness Puzzle Pieces due to the SPIRIT committee

April 11th-14th- Federal CLASS review (schedule unannounced)

April 12th- Shawnee IEP Day & Child Reviews

April 15th- Liberty Child Review Day

April 13th- Higher order Center Questions for Growing due! See e-mail

April 20th- Liberty IEP Day

April 22nd- BCESC Wellness Escape Day at Camp Campbellguard

April 28th- Niederman Farm "Night of Travel"- Choosy Boards will be presented here!

April 29th- TS Gold Checkpoints Due!

April 29th- Daytime Conferences

May 1st- 2nd Brigance screening due and recorded

May 3rd- Evening Conferences (all staff ending by 8pm)

May 6th- Daytime Conferences continued, if needed

May 6th- Early Childhood End of Year Picnic (hosted by Suzanne & Sissy)

May 4th-May 10th- OTES Finalization Meetings (evidence for goals & final rating)

May 13th- Last Staff Meeting of Year (BCESC, 2-4pm)

**3-4pm (End-of-Year Picnic, courtesy of Fans Network!)**

May 14th- ELA completed and score sheets submitted to Sharon Meek


Kelly at Miami University (Recruitment)
Stephanie at Liberty (K transition meetings)
Kelly at Shawnee and Liberty (AP meeting)
Stephanie at Creekside & Liberty
Kelly at Creekside
Stephanie at Shawnee
Kelly & Stephanie at Shawnee, Creekside, & BCESC
**Staff meeting (BCESC, 2-4pm)


Liz Osborn- no coverage needed

Ashley Parkinson covering K Transition meetings
Floating IA- Gitana covering
Lisa Iacovone- Kirsten Kalugyer
Liberty A Support- Jennifer Perry covering (p.m. only)
Amber Urban- no coverage

Brandi Singh- Susan Edwards covering





Jean Week:

April 4 thru April 8 is Jeans Week!! - This is the week we return from Break.

Dr. Mantia has approved a fund raising initiative to have a district wide “Jeans Week” to support the Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty.

The Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty is part of a national organization supporting kids. For more than 150 years the clubs have been helping youth of all ages and all backgrounds reach their full potential. We are so fortunate to have the Boys & Girls Club now serving Lakota students. The club also has opened a satellite location at Liberty Junior School. The Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty gives kids the skills to BE fit, BE safe, BE knowledgeable, BE creative, and BE Their Best! BE the one who helps support our kids! Donate $10 for the week of April 4 thru April 8 and wear jeans every single day! Our kids need your support!

If you would like to participate, please send $10 to the K-1 office staff. Thank you so much.