Nutritional Value

By Cate Caldwell


Nutritional Value
-Fiber Advantage
-Protein for Vegetarians
-Magnesium for energy production
- Iron Boost
-Stabilizing Blood Sugar
-Heart Healthy


Kinds of Oatmeal
-Raw Oats
-Whole Oat
-Steel Cut Oats
-Rolled Oats
-Oat Flour

Nutritional Value
-Lower Cholesterol Levels
-Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
-Enhance Immune Response
-Stabilize Blood Sugar
-Fiber from whole grains
>The outer layer of the oasts contain high fiber. Which helps with the digestive system and moving waste food from the contents of the colon.



> There are 4 different types of chocolate. Milk, Semi-sweet ,White ,and Dark.
Nutritional Value
-Contains Antioxidants that reduce the blood's ability to clot and thus reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks.
-Contains a very low amount of caffeine, much less than found in coffee, tea and cola drinks.
-Chocolate can increase the level of serotonine in the brain. Serotonine levels are often decreased in people with depression and in those experiencing PMS symptoms.
-Promotes Blood Flow
-Chocolate promotes less anxiety