How do you make stickers?

How Stickers are Made

When you were a little kid or even now, put stickers on everything? Your car, notebook, laptops, water bottles, desks, literally anywhere you want. Its awesome! Not only does it cover up marks or boring binders, but it also brings it to life. By putting it on your binder, it can make you smile and make your day. But have you ever wondered how stickers can stick?

Stickers may look simple and easy to make, however, it is way harder than people think. Stickers are first made by making the image on the computer. Then sheet of photo polymer goes onto a exposure machine and puts plastic on top. Inside, the vacuum pulls the negative to the photo polymer. Then, ultra violent light transfers the art to the photo polymer in seconds. They make many of them.

Now, the photo looks really boring. To make the photo stand out from the background they use this machine that removes materials surrounding the transferred images. They use different chemicals and heavy duty brush to take it off. Once they do that, they put paint in a machine that makes the stickers have color. And then finally, its good to go. Stickers are a lot harder to make without knowing it. But it sure is worth the process once you get them.

Activities to Try

This video shows how to make stickers with vinyl:

This link shows a way to make stickers on your own. Its crazy how they are able to make the stickers stick by using glue and vinegar.