The Treasure Hunt Island

(Where the hunters get hunted)

Summary of activitys

Welcome to Treasure hunt island,there are alot of things to do here! Some of our things are rocky beaches, amazing jungles,and open grasslands. The hunting we have here are of the hook, since our jungles and open grasslands you can hunt leapords,jaguars an pumas. When ever you get tired an want to feel relaxed come to our cabin where you will get treated the best. We have an interesting activity where the prey (you) an the hunters (us) will have to fight to escape the island. As long as you dont get hunted for three days then you can leave the island as you please. So please come an spend your vactaion on our treasure hunt island for three weeks.

This island was founded by Richard Connell JR.

Richard connell Jr. is a 56 year old man, he has written many short story novels. HE is a son of a great man Richard Connell Sr. which was a editior an reporter for a local newspapper, an became a deligate for the "Democratic National Convention" Mr. Connell is ready to see you!!

People you may meet

Sanger Rainsford is a world renounced hunter an tracker, he is cunning,intelligent, and trustworthy, an would recommend becoming acquaintences!

Genral Zaroff is a tricky man, but in a way a great hunting partner. He recommends this challenge because he is the best tracker around. He has hunted many things inculding animals bigger than you.

Ivan is not much to pay attention to, he is or deff security gaurd. He makes sure your doing what you are supposed to.


So please come to our Island for your free paid vacation. Dont miss out on another day of having fun,An make sure you tell your friends to join.